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Always Will (NSYNC) - Four years ago, one night changed everything for Danielle. Unfortunately, Justin get the memo. After all this time he’s ready to take responsibility, but will Danielle let him back in her heart?

Break (NSYNC) - Nikki’s always been very studious, but when she has to take a final that could determine her future, Justin thinks she goes a little overboard. He does what any loving boyfriend should do and shows her how to relax.

Playing Doctor (NSYNC) - Kids can do some pretty cute, pretty embarrassing things without realizes the consequences of their actions. Of course, after 10 years things have changed and they’ve learned their lesson. At least, their parents hoped so.

What I Miss About You (NSYNC) - Justin’s been gone for 2 half months and Lauren would do anything to tell him how much she’s missed him. Fortunately, she gets her chance.

Updated 08.06.03

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