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A Brick No More (NSYNC) - Brandi and Justin never imagined that one careless night could change their lives forever. Brandi makes the final choice in the matter and Justin folds and lets her do what she thinks is right. Will the event make or break their relationship? Read this to find out!

Slave (NSYNC) - Becca and JC had been together for what was almost a year. A turn in their relationship, actually a turn in Becca's attitude, changed JC for forever. He lives his life in shame and most of all in fear. Will JC be able to get away from the reigns of Becca? Or will he forever be her slave? Read this to find out!

To Give You More (NSYNC) - Allina and JC have been dating for quite some time now and JC has always respected Ali's virginity. She always wanted it to be perfect and not just some night at a random hotel. Will Ali ever feel comfortable with sharing her most prized possession with the man who would give her the world if she asked for it? Read this to find out!

What You Have (NSYNC) - Justin has had enough. The life that he is living just is too much for him to handle anymore. After a run in with a handful of cameras at his door, Justin takes off and says that he just needs to be alone. He stumbles upon a warehouse where he runs into a girl that will try to change his outlook on everything that he does indeed have. Will it work? Read this to find out!

Wishes Do Come True (NSYNC) - All stories don't have to include one of the NSYNC members falling in love with a girl in the story. In this short story, a young girl, Elizabeth, uses her one wish on NSYNC. Elizabeth was born with a life threatening disease, and through the "Make A Wish Foundation" she is able to make one of her very own dreams come true. Read this to find out how Elizabeth uses her wish to make her and her friends the happiest girls on this side of Heaven!

Updated 03.16.02

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