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By:  The Calling


I've been thinking
About you, my love
And all the crazy things
You put me through
Now I'm coming around
Throwing it back to you
Were you thinking of me
When you kissed him
Could you taste me
When you licked his skin?
All the while I showerd you
With trust and promises
What I'm needing now
Is some sweet revenge
To get back all that I lost then
I gave you all I had to give
But I could never reach you
Adrienne, I thought I know you
Once again, you used me, used me
Adrienne, I should have left you
Long before you used me
Used me up

Spent my money
Drove my car
I treated you like a shining star


But in my sky
All burnt out you are
And I'll have the last laugh
When I see you walking with
Some other guy
'Cause I know you're
Gonna end up all alone
So take these words
Some good advice
All you've done's
Gonna come back twice
You never cared
How much it hurt
I really need to tell you

Repeat chorus

What I'm needing now
Some sweet revenge
To get back
All that I love then
I gave you
All that I had to give
But I could never reach you

Repeat chorus

Adrienne, long before
Adrienne, long before
Whoa, Adrienne