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I Can't Believe It's Over


We should talk

That's what you said to me

On the beach

You know the place will be

So here we sit

Together in the sand

I hear you saying

You hope I'll understand

The love you used to feel

You say it's not the same

When I reach for you

You just turn away, oh baby


[Chorus: ]

I can't believe it's over

I can't believe you're breaking my heart

I can't believe it's over

Ooh, baby

I can't believe it's over

(I can't believe, I can't believe that you're gone)

It's over

(I can't believe it girl)


Like a wave

You're drifting out to sea

What can I do girl

To bring you back to me

There must be

Something I can say (something I can say)

To change your mind

To make you want to stay


Now you're tellin' me

You found somebody new

You wanna be with him

And that he's good to you

Oh my baby


[Chorus ]


I watch you walk away

Disappearing in the dark

You're not coming back

And it's tearing me apart

I said it's tearing me apart


[Chorus and adlib ]


I can't believe it's over, damn