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My Heart Is Saying Now


Maybe you donít know

How you live in my dreams, my dreams

Something bout your smile

Starts the butterflies inside me


Maybe you donít see

The two of us like I do, I do

But no one wants you more

Than this dreamer standing right beside you



Whatever it takes

I'm taking it all the way

Never gonna find me a better day

Never gonna love any other way

Baby my heart's saying now


Hoping and waiting for the right time

Praying for the words that will make you mine

Baby, I'm shaking but my heart's saying now


When i think of you

My heart takes a tumble, tumble

If I could have one wish

The walls around your heart would crumble


I've waited for so long

Until the perfect moment came along

Don't let me be invisible

Tell me girl is it me you really want?




Tell me now my baby

I need to know

You drive me crazy

All night I think about you

Now I'm telling you the way that I feel

Cause I know itís for real




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