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Hand In Hand

There's one thing I'm sure of is that we will always be,
Even though the road seems to get a little rough.
It's for you I live, I can do anything
And it will never be too much.

In my darkest hour you are there to light the way,
And when I'm down you always lift me up again.
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You know me better than I know myself,
You comfort me and let me know with you I'm gonna win.

Walk with me hand in hand,
We help each other understand how to go through.
There will never be a day that we'll grow apart,
So we'll forever be together hand in hand.

Sometimes I'm wrong and even in that case,
You didn't go away, you stayed right next to me.
As time goes on I realize that you're for me,
And I will love you for eternity.


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