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These are pictures I've taken to show you the locations of some of the typical topography in eastern Ohio. This is what it looks like during the summer. Now imagine it with no leafs and you'll have the winter scenes! Really, I hope to get some good fall and winter photos of eastern Ohio to put on this page to share with you.

Many of the pictures that follow were taken where sightings, footprints, sounds or some other unusual encounter took place. If there is a link currently on line for a specific Ohio sighting, I hope to have a photo for each location begining in 1999.

Now let's take a look at the few pictures I have to share with you today.

This photo shows the Coshocton & Muskingum County line on State Route 83 traveling northbound. Very few people know that once they enter Coshocton County, they are entering the County with the highest number of reported 'alleged' Bigfoot sightings in the state of Ohio.

This photo looks through the cat tails at 'Piney Lake'. Named this for the row of pine trees in the backgrond. They continue on to the right out of frame. Behind this row of pines, many strange incidents have happened, including the sound of wood on wood.

This photo shows the large amount of water that is available for any type of animal to exist off of. This photo was taken off of a bridge on State Route 83 looking to the east. Originally, a narrow creek ran through this area. It wasn't until the US Army Corps of Engineers placed an earthen dam about 4 miles down stream, then this lake developed. The original creek runs through the lake in the middle of the picture and is up to 50 feet deep in spots.

This picture was also taken off of the State Route 83 bridge looking east. It's the same location as the photo above, just in the heart of winter. Photo taken on February 6, 2000.

This photo was taken not far from Plainfield, Ohio. The picture was taken at about 3:30 p.m. on a bright sunny day. The meaning of showing this photo to you is to show how dense and dark some of the forest can be, even on the brightest of days, in eastern Ohio.

This photo looks to the west across Wills Creek Lake. This area is flooded quite often and has even covered the road I was on when I took this photo with as much as 15 feet of water!! Some of the wildlife in this area include Ducks, Geese, White Tail Deer and Bald Eagles.

The arrow in this photo points to a utility pole that an alleged Sasquatch walked right past, as crossing the road from left to right. This incident took place on February 20'th, 1999 and was witnessed by three individuals. This sighting can be read about by clicking on to February 20, 1999 and a detailed report of the incident will be available for you to read.

Near the end of this lane and on the right is where Newcomerstown resident Richard Myers claims to have spotted two bi-pedal individuals on April 5'th, 1998. They were about nine feet tall, dark in color and walking one right after the other. The incident took place during the early afternoon at appx. 2:15 p.m.

The white "X" in this picture represents the appx. location that a Newcomerstown teen spotted a creature crossing the road one night on March 12, 1999. To read about the sighting, click on March 12'th, 1999.

The white "X" in this picture represents the appx. location that a western Pennsylvania man saw a tall, black and bi-pedal creature during the evening of August 18, 1999. To read more about the incident, click on August 18, 1999.

Want more pictures to view!? Well then, click RIGHT HERE! and more will appear. Or, you can go to the Bigfoot Sightings in Ohio page or go to my Field Research Notes of the EOBIC page to view it. Thanks.

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