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Late May 2000 @ 11 p.m. in Vinton county

Joshua C. of Vinton county is a 13 year old boy who just happened to run across something by his dog house in late May of the year 2000. It was after 11 p.m. in Vinton county near Hamden. Josh related his encounter to Marc DeWerth like this...

"I was riding my off road motorcycle on the family property when I stopped to pet one of the family dogs. I shined my flashlight at the dog when I noticed behind the dog something was squatting in a ditch. I shined my light on the thing in the ditch and it stood upright. What I was looking at was a tall hairy creature of some sort that had very wide shoulders and glowing green eyes. I quickly panicked and jumped back onto my motorbike and started it up and raced away. The creature started to chase me down the old railroad towards my house. I knew it as chasing me cause since I wasn't wearing a helment I could turn around and see the creature running after me. As I approached a pond area, I hit a ditch and flipped my motorbike over and became scuffed up. At this time the creature stopped chasing me and started walking towards me. I panicked again and pulled my bike up the hill and started it by letting it roll down the hill and letting the clutch out. As I started riding towards my house, I wrecked again at the base of our driveawy and ran to the house. The creature followed me to our house and didn't leave until I turned on the large flood light in our front yard. I feel like the creature could have caught me at any time. Then it ran off to a dried up swamp area and I didn't see it again."

There was a light fog and it was about 70. The witness estimated the creature was about seven feet tall, had brown hair and weighed about 350 to 400 pounds. He said it had a "pushed in nose and the face was real pudgy. The eyes glowed green." He said the next day he and his brother found tracks larger than his brothers size 12 1/2 shoe.

You may now return to the Bigfoot Sightings in Ohio web site now. Thanks to Marc DeWerth for this report.