Jamie Noble


Weight: 170 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Trailer Hitch

Manager/valet(s): Nidia

Titles Held: 1x ROH World Champ, 2x WWE Cruiserweight Champ

Real Name: James Gibson

Noble entered WWE in June of 2002. For weeks, the Hurricane had been receiving mysterious letters from someone from his past. It turned out to be Nidia, who was an ex-girlfriend of the Hurricane. When Hurricane confronted her, her current boyfriend Jamie Noble attacked him from behind. Noble received a shot at the Hurricane's Cruiserweight Title, and won it from him at King of the Ring. Noble successfully defended it against former champ Billy Kidman at Vengeance. He kept the belt until Survivor Series, where he lost it to Kidman. Noble went on a losing streak, and called his cousin Nunzio in, much to Nidia's dismay. Nunzio arrived and helped him beat up Crash.

After teaming with Nunzio for a while, they went their separate ways. In July 2003, Noble started to lust after Torrie Wilson, and her friend Billy Gunn came to her defense. Noble got a match with Gunn at Vengeance, the stipulation being that Torrie would have to sleep with Noble if Billy lost. He did lose, but the four made an alliance the following Smackdown after an apparent foursome. Noble and Billy feuded with the Basham Brothers until Billy injured himself again. Noble went back after the Cruiserweight Title, but Nidia was blinded by the mist of Tajiri. She cost him several matches wandering around ringside blind, and Noble was frustrated until he realized that he could use it to his advantage. He used her to win a match against Rey Mysterio so that he could face Tajiri for the title.