Matt Hardy

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 220 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Twist of Fate

Titles Held: 5x WWF Tag Team Champ, 1x WCW Tag Team Champ, 1x WWE Cruiserweight Champ, 1x WWE European Champ, 1x WWE Hardcore Champ

Manager/valet(s): Michael Hayes, Terri, Lita

Matt entered WWE with his brother Jeff, calling themselves the Hardy Boyz. Though they worked part time for a few years, they didn't get signed to contracts until 1998. They started out slow, jobbing in matches on Heat and Raw. Then Michael Hayes took them under their wing and gave them a bit of attitude. They helped him out in his feud with The Brood. They made their PPV debut at the 1999 King of the Ring, beating Edge and Christian and as a result got a tag team title match with The Acolytes. They won the straps with some help from Hayes. However, they lost them at Fully Loaded back to The Acolytes. They were paired with Edge and Christian in a best of five series, where the winning team would get the managerial services of Terri and $100,000. The final match was a ladder match, which the Hardys won. They teamed with Edge and Christain to lose to Too Cool and Crash and Hardcore Holly. They were unsuccessful in several tag team title matches against The New Age Outlaws. They competed in a tag team battle royal at Armageddon and came close to winning twice before being eliminated by The Acolytes.

The Hardys beat The Dudley Boyz in a table match at the Royal Rumble, but lost to Edge and Christian at No Way Out. At WrestleMania 2000 they went for the titles but lost a Triple Threat Ladder match to Edge and Christian and the Dudleys. They got involved in a feud with T & A, but were outnumbered with Trish on the outside. They solved this by bringing Lita to ringside with them. They beat them in a mixed tag match at Fully Loaded. The Hardys participated in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match against the Dudleys and Edge & Christian at SummerSlam but lost. Finally, they won the tag team titles from E & C in a cage match at Unforgiven. Commissioner Mick Foley told their opponents if they didn't beat them the next night in a ladder match, they would receive no more title shots. The Hardys retained, but at No Mercy, lost the belts to the mysterious Conquistadores, who were really Edge & Christian in disguise. They turned the tables the next night, ruining Edge & Christian's plan by dressing up as Conquistadore themselves and winning back the titles. They lost the belts a few weeks later to Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather. They teamed with the Dudleys to beat the RTC and E&C at Survivor Series and teamed with Lita to lose to the Radicalz at Armageddon.

After beating Dean Malenko, Matt and Lita revealed their feelings for each other and kissed. The Hardys participated in the Royal Rumble and then set out to get the Tag Team Titles back. In March they beat the Dudley Boyz for the belts, but lost them when Edge & Christian weaseled their way into the rematch and utilized the help of Rhyno. They were unsuccessful in TLC II at WrestleMania against the Dudleys and Edge & Christian. Vince McMahon thrust them into a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H after seeing Lita talking to his wife Linda. Austin and HHH pulverized the Hardys and even took a chair to Lita. The Hardys fought back and Jeff won the Intercontinental Title from Triple H, only to lose it back to him six days later. Matt won the European Title from Eddie Guerrero a couple of weeks later and retained it in a Triple Threat Match at Backlash against Eddie and Christian. Eddie then tried to befriend them, insisting that they could trust him. He proved his trust over the next few weeks and became a regular teammate. They feuded with X-Factor, but Eddie took a leave of absence to take care of some personal issues. Jeff won the Light Heavyweight Title from Jerry Lynn in June, and retained it against X-pac at King of the Ring. However, he lost it to X-pac in a rematch the next night. With the WCW/ECW Invasion on, Jeff regained the Hardcore Title from ECW's Mike Awesome, but lost it to Rob Van Dam at Invasion. He lost the rematch at SummerSlam also. The Hardys won more WWF tag team titles and the WCW tag team titles from Booker T and Test, but lost them to the Dudley Boyz. They lost to the Dudleys at Survivor Series in a unification match for the WWF and WCW tag team titles and looked like they were starting to break up after Matt dumped Lita. Jeff beat Matt in a match at Vengeance, but the Undertaker managed to seriously injure all three members of Team X-treme shortly thereafter.

They returned united at the Royal Rumble, getting some revenge on the Undertaker. They got back into the title hunt, but lost to the Dudleys, Billy & Chuck and the APA at WrestleMania. When the roster split took place, they were all drafted to Ric Flair's Raw brand. After weeks of destroying people, the Hardys were the first to fight back against Brock Lesnar and his agent Paul Heyman. Lesnar beat Jeff at Backlash when the ref had to stop the match, but the Hardys handed him his first loss via DQ in a handicap match. Heyman interjected himself and teamed with Lesnar against the Hardys at Judgment Day, but thanks to Brock doing all the work, Heyman got the pin over Jeff. The Hardys started to pursue singles careers again, and after not receiving any title shots from the new Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff, Matt jumped to Stephanie McMahon's Smackdown. He looked up old friends the Hurricane and Shannon Moore and insisted that he was getting the biggest pops of anyone. He named his new personality, calling it 'Mattitude.' He feuded with Rikishi and beat Tajiri. He also beat the Undertaker twice, though with heavy help from Brock Lesnar. Hardy became a Lesnar flunky, shielding Brock by having matches with his rivals to soften them up. However, that ended when an enraged Brock threw Matt through a wall in December. Hardy gained a Mattitude Follower, or MFer, in Shannon Moore and went after Brock. He declined to wrestle Brock himself, and Brock destroyed Shannon.

Matt wrestled in the Royal Rumble in January, and then went on a campaign to lose some weight so he could take on Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman at No Way Out. He lost the weight and won the title. He beat Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania. In the spring, Crash approached Hary about becoming an MFer, and Matt put him under the tutelage of Shannon Moore, and Crash was dubbed a "Moore-on." Mysterio earned a rematch by beating Moore and Crash in a handicap match, and then won the title from Hardy in June. Matt feuded with Zach Gowen and was set for a match at SummerSlam, but Brock Lesnar injured Gowen and the match never happened. It finally did happen at No Mercy, with Gowen beating Hardy for his first singles victory. After October, Stephanie McMahon was replaced by Paul Heyman as Smackdown GM, and Hardy's contract ended. He slipped through the cracks in the change in administration and signed with Raw. He appeared, surprising his girlfriend Lita, and seemed to be about to propose. Then Raw GM Eric Bischoff made a match: himself and Molly vs. Matt and Lita, and if Lita's team lost, she was fired. Matt abandoned her during the match, accusing her of being selfish and not coming to Smackdown to be with him after returning from her neck injury.