Kai En Tai

Height: Taka Michinoku- 5'8''. Sho Funaki- 5'8''.

Weight: Taka- 206 lbs. Funaki- 192 lbs.

Finishing Moves: Taka- The Michinoku Driver. Funaki- Diamond Dust.

Manager/valet(s): Yamaguchi-san.

Titles Held: none*

Real Names: Taka- Takao Yoshida. Funaki- Shoichi Funaki.

*: Taka has been a 1x WWF Light Heavyweight Champ and Funaki has been a 1x WWF Hardcore Champ.

Kai En Tai was originally a group of four, consisting of Taka, Funaki, Mens Teioh, and Dick Togo, managed by Yamaguchi-san. When three of the members left the WWF, Taka and Funaki carried on as a tag team. They were present on the Jakked/Metal circuit for the better part of two years. They had brief feuds with teams such as The Acolytes and The Mean Street Posse. In December 2000, they feuded with Crash Holly and Molly Holly.

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