DX as The Nation!


Triple H as The Crock
X-pac as Mizark Henry
"Roaddog" Jesse James as B-Lo
"Badd Ass" Billy Gunn as The Gunnfather
Jason Sensation as "The Blackhart"
And Chyna as herself

Entrance music: You smell what the Rock is cookin'?

Jim Ross: Wait a minute, we were expecting DX here... must be the Nation coming out... (DX enters dressed as the Nation Oh...

Jerry Lawler: Oh my gosh... JR look at this.

Ross: I am not believing this... Well, you gotta know your role, well, I think we're goingo to find out what everybody's role is here, now...

Lawler: Look at DX! Oh, I mean the Nation! And look at the Cr... The Rock over there. And look at D'lo over there!

Ross: B-Lo... And look at that yahoo dressed up as Owen Hart.

Lawler: He's coming out to lay some smack down here!

Ross: Well, I can tell you this, I know that The Rock is at home in Miami, watching this tonight... Owen Hart's in Calgary, and Mark Henry's down in Texas...

Lawler: And I guarantee you the furniture in all three of their houses is flying around the room right now, look at these guys! What...

Ross: Now we have not seen... we have not seen DX all day, folks, this is very uncharacteristic of these guys...

Lawler: Look at that, Mizark? What's that mean? (Laughing) Look at this... he is The Rock, look...

Ross: The part of The Rock will now be played by Triple H... (Triple H raises an eyebrow) Look at that eyebrow...

(DX is in the ring, and Billy Gunn has the mic.)

Billy Gunn: Pimps up, hoes down, west siiiiiiiiddde!

Lawler: Look at the Godfather! (Laughing)

Ross: What'd that mean?

Lawler: (laughing) Classic.

Triple H: You know The Crock just came from the bathroom, and whew... you should have smelled what the Rock was cookin'. I ain't fakin'; you should have smelled what The Rock was bakin'.

Ross: Oh, Nation ain't gonna like this...

Roaddog: The Rock was bakin', brother was bakin'! (He climbs to the second rope, raises his arms and shakes his head.)

Lawler: Look at D'lo, he's da man! Look at him shake his head! Oh, that's right, it's B'lo.

(He gets down and lies down on the canvas as The Crock prepares to deliver The Peoples' Elbow.)

Ross: What's going on here now? Wait a minute...

Lawler: Uh oh, it's the Peoples' Elbow, JR!

Ross: The best damn elbow in the business, according to The Rock... look at this...

(just before Triple H elbows him, he stops.)

Triple H: As a matter of fact... When it comes to the Crock and the ladies... and the Crock hits... Rock Bottom... he's got no choice but to lay the smack down on himself!

Ross: The Peoples' Elbow...

Lawler: And the people are standing up, look at this!

Roaddog: You hear that? The brother smacks himself down! (He climbs to the second rope, raises his arms, and shakes his head.)

Lawler: Whoa, look at D'lo!

Ross: Oh man... can you imagine The Rock... he's broken every piece of furniture in his living room right now.

(The mic is given to Jason)

Lawler: Wait a minute, look at this guy, is that his nose, or did he park a bus on his face?

Ross: It's supposed to be Owen Hart.

Jason: Well, enough is enough, and it's time for a change!

Lawler: Listen to that, it is Owen Hart!

Jason: You know what? Nobody listens to me. Nobody gives a damn what I think. And what the hell am I doing wearing this ridiculous outfit!? I look like a damn road sign! What the hell am I? A school crossing? You know, I tried to be a tough guy, but I just couldn't grow my damn beard in! And you know what? I am not a nugget, I'm a Blackhart dammit, a winner, a sole survivor! Whoo!...

Ross: Oh, things are not well in Calgary tonight.

Lawler: That is Owen Hart!

Jason: And if anybody smells what the Rock's cookin', it's me. Look how big my damn nose is! What the hell am I, an aardvark? Whoo!

Roaddog: What does the brother look like? An aardvark?

Lawler: D'lo, look at D'lo!

Jason: Whoo!

X-pac: Hey, hey, hey, Rock!

Lawler: Mizark Henry.

X-pac: I don't know what you're cookin'... smells like sh**...

Ross: Oh my!

X-pac: ...but I think I'll eat some anyway, heh heh heh heh!

Triple H: You know something Mark Henry... Mizark Henry...

Lawler: (laughing) Right.

Triple H: I know that you're The World's Strongest Man, and The Crock's got a hell of a body himself, but there's one thing the people wanna know. How do you get your pecs to go all the way around to your back like that?

Ross: Oh man!

Roaddog: What he wants to know, is how...

Everyone: Shut up! (Roaddog climbs to the second rope, raises his arms, and shakes his head.)

Triple H: Look.. Shut your mouths, and know your role! Nation, it's real simple... we got two words for ya: SUCK IT!


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