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ECCW Presents
Friday January 20th., 7:30 PM(doors at 7 PM)
Russian Community Centre
2114 w. 4th., Vancouver (At Arbutus)

NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title
Gorgeous Michelle Starr(Champion) vs RAGE

NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title
Juggernaut(Champion) vs "Canadian Superstar" Seth Knight

NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship
"Hot & Bothered" Kurt Sterling & Cole Bishop vs DK Rock & Scotty Mac

TRW TV Title Match
Vid Vain(Champion) vs Machette Brown

NWA Canadian Junior Title
Aaron Idol(Champion) vs Memphis Raines

Supergirls Title Match
Rebecca Knox(Champion) vs Ashley Anne

Sweet Daddy D & Rocket Randy Tyler vs "Bomber Nelson Creed & Davey Richards

TJ Wilson vs Meanstreak Mike Dempsey

Plus matches featuring Local 13, The Cremator, ICE, Scott Steel, The Reason, Freddy Funk and more!!

Tickets $12 Front Row & $10 General Admission

Tickets available at the door or:
W & E Food & Drink Shop-904 W. King Edward, Vancover 604-734-2321
Taz's Comics-4702 Hastings St., Burnaby 604298-6208 Rino's Italian Shoe Centre-100-75 W. Broadway., Vancouver 604-876- 5316

Info-604-710-0872 or

Make Sure to watch NWA Top Ranked Wrestling every Saturday at 1 PM on KVOS Cable 23.

Friday January 27th., 2006-8PM Bridgeview Hall-11475 126 A. St., Surrey-ECCW 10th Anniversary show. No television
Friday Feb. 10th., 7:30PM Duncan Eagles Hall-TV Taping Saturday Feb. 11th., 7:30 PM-Campbell River Thunderbird Hall-TV Taping

Several shows being run in southern and central Ohio, around the Logan area, by a group called XWE. Sean Price and other area wrestlers headline the cards.

El Hijo De Chupacabra (A Chupacabra is a Mexican mythical monster, much like a vampire, so one supposes somewhere along the line one had a son who happened to enter wretsling ) has been seeing a load of action in northern California.

Add Cowboy Bob Ellis to the list of names who have cropped up as "dead" on the internet where he is evidently alive and well, though not the proverbial spring chicken anymore and pretty much out of the wrestling loop.

Flesh, a muscleman wrestler, is drawing a lot of attention in Ontario, Canada and becoming a top draw among the indies.

The Hornet is another wrestler gaining a lot of attention in Canada as of late and looking for added indy bookings in the USA.

Wrestling is starting to thrive in Argentina, of all places. Look for some more details on the wrestlers down there soon.

Brandon X and his manager, Fresh Aronsin, continue to be an itneresting pair of gangsta type wrestlers in the Ohio/Michigan area, whoa re getting a load of bookings.

Recent retirements to the ever growing list of indy people bowing out include The Ratman, Sirob Droga, The Ace Man, Bad Boys 1&2, Jack Blaze, and Cowboy Claw.

Nocturne continues to thrive inw restling, even after the recent death of his friend, Spider, in the ring caused himt o seriously rethink whether he desired to wrestle any longer. While he and others pretty much have refused to speak aboutt he death of this tragic young wrestler in the ring, he has recently done some itnerviews, witht he expressed stipulation he will not discuss that fatal night, which have been showing up on the net in varied pages.

"Rock star" wrestler Nicky Skidds is actually making a balance between wretsling and really playing in a rock band.

Steel Valley Wrestling to run a show in late January at the Bridgeport Eagles in Bridgeport, Ohio, though the card is not announced.

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The Lumberjacks were a tagteam that held the southwest in utter terror in the 1980s with manager Marccial Bovee/The Time Traveler and before them in the 1970s, there were two other Lumberjacks doing the same in the east under the guidance of Lou Albano. Now udner the management of a woman named Lacey, two new Lumberjacks are seeing action in the midwestern indies and are wrecking their opponents with mauling, mangling zeal. Faces change, but some gimmicks remain the same.

The Stormrider to return to western rings after a long retirement.

Portia Perez is becoming one of the hottest items among women wrestler sin the east and midwest.

Powerhouse Hughes returns to the ring in Pennsylvania in 2006 after a year off due to major injuries.

Gothic Pro Wrestling is the latest of extreme or hardcore promotiosn, just as the title suggests, to crop up in the midwest, with relatively good draws at house shows.

Andy Andrews is a tall and muscular wrestler looking more and mor eimpressive in the Ohio-West Virginia area.

Keystone Championship Wrestlign continues tor un Pa with Dave Dominion, Julio Dinero, Bob Lenny and others.

Erik Olso of Norway is becoming a big draw in European rings.

The death of longtime wrestler, Johnny Kostas, has been confirmed at last. He passed away some time ago from herat failure. The remains were cremated and ashes scattered along the coast of his beloved Greece. Kostas had numerous feuds from the 1950s and 1960s, including The Von Steigers, Gene Kiniski, Chuck Karbo, Don Arnold, Jody Arnold, Henry Pilusso and Tony Borne. He was known for wretsling in his bare feet like Rocca and had a similar style.

Cleveland All Pro Wrestling enters its 12th year of promotion, headed by promoter=wrestler JT Lightning.

KKK 1&2 to return to Mexican rings after a lengthy missing-on-action time. The routine would be too controversial for American rings right now, even with the recent "extreme" shift in the past decade.

Lones Oaks continues to run Alliance, Ohio with plans for shows in January and February at the armory, using Jaizin Blaze, Sherman Tank, Jeff Cannon,. Robbie Starr, The Time Traveler, Dirty the Clown, The Gimps, Jaimie Braxton, Joe Joe Little, Beastmaster,, Tyrone Evans, Kato, Christian Vaughn, Bounce, The Psychopath, and others. Mr Cock A Doodle Doo & Mr Bow Wow Wow may also be incoming as are other midwestern wrestlers form the Akron-Cleveland area.

Daron Smythe & Dash Bennett have become a continually in-demand tag team in the Virginia-West Virginia area.

Sexy Sandra D continues to be one of the hottest newcomers to the indy wrestling scene, doing several interviews on the Net and making several indy appearances.

Recent retirements in the indy realm include Penny Dreadful, Red Star, The Ace, Danny Boy, Sienna, The Beast, Miss Paris, Cheyanne, and Darling Dan Donavan.

Check out for a number of great galleries and profiles.

Barbie, out of New York, is another hot item in the indy wrestlign cycles and worth keeping an eye on.

Lexie Quinn and two psycho clowns calling themselves The Soopavillains have also been making the rounds, claiming to be escapees from Arkham Asylum, which is a ref. to old novels by HP Lovecraft.

The ill-fated Eddie Guerrero wa slaid to rest in Scottsdale, Arizona, following his shocking death. The ceremony was attended by many wrestsling personalities, but was kept secret to avoid throngs of fans from showing up.

For information and interviews on the Ohio scene go to

MCW to start running shows in the Mt. Vernon-Columbus area of Ohio in 2006. Roster includes GQ Status, Cruz Sangrada, Christian Vaughn, The Time Traveler, Mr. Insanity, Brain Damage, Deranged , Kamikaze, Jeff cannon, Robbie Starr, The Sherman Tank, The Rootin' Tootin' Buckaroos and several more.

Philly Madison remains another hated heel seeing load sof work in the New York/New Jersey area.

OLX is a new hardcore wrestling promotion headed out of Monterrey in northern Mexico by Guillermo Rodriguez and drawing large crowds with a combination of lucha libre action and wild brawls.

The Blue Meanie has been doing some indy shots in Pennsylvania recently.

Flatline & Heartstopper to return to indy action in the midwest after a lengthy absence from the ring.

The Navajo Warrior and Chief Shooting War have formed the new Native Blood tagteam following the breakup of the original tag team of the same name out west, originally consisting of Navajo Warrior & Ghost Walker. The new Native Blood has been seeing a lot of action in California and Arizona.

Perhaps one of the worst names ever in wrestling, in any realm. Mic Flair. Yep, you heard it right, Mic Flair, in the Ohio area.

The midwest and south may have Sharkboy, but Mexico has Pirana, who is having many fantastic bouts and gaining much acclaim as of late.

Mr. Mad is an interesting addition to the many psycho roles on the indy wrestling scene. This guy scribbles like a little kid when signign autographs. At least he doesn't eat the paper like The Sheik used to do.

Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room in the middle of November. He was in his thirties at the time of his death. No details available yet.

Mr. Mad returns to midwestern rings after time off due to injuries.

Sikness (his spelling) is an indy wrestler who is also gaining a lot of bookings in the midwestern USA, based out of southern Ohio.

After a lengthy retirement, Al Snow protege Maniac Mark Mustang has returned to both wrestling and promoting. Never say never again!

Krash The Milkman continues to be a draw among southern indys and is a charismatic wrestler gaining a load of fans.

Bubba MacKenzie is becoming a very popular figure in the Detroit area.

Big Dawg, promoter and occasional manager, is leaving the wrestling game.

Coach Dillon and The Canadian Crusher continue to enrage fans with their in-ring antics and renditions of the most annoying version ever of the Canadian National Anthem when they sing it before the show. At a recent card they took the microphone into the bathroom as what they claimed to be a fitting place to sing to Ameruicans from and locked the door, forcing not only fans to listen to their awful singing, but forcing others having to use the toilet to wait outside til they were done.

The Dark Rider, a masked cowboy wrestler, is gaining a lot of bookings in the midwest and growing in popularity among indy fans.

Jason Gorey is becoming a popular grappler on the West Virginia-Ohio border.

Mr. Insanity and Brain Damage to appear in a new horror film being shot in the winter in Pennsylvania.

Indy wrestler Shasta lost his grandmother in early November.

Mikey Showtime, an upcoming indy wrestler, has a new webpage at

The Time Traveler and Joe Joe Little should return to Mega Championship Wrestling in the winter after a long absence.

Promoter Richard Arpin waiting for the results of a biopsy done on a large growth removed recently from his arm.

Woman wrestler Kay Noble, long since retired from active wrestling, is said to be fighting lung cancer.

Zeus Productions continues to offer outstanding female wrestling videos. Check out their webpage in our links and you will see some of their materials.

Woman manager Naomi Sinclair is evidently retiring from wrestling.

The Phoenix Madison Square Garden was in fact torn down, but with the new building there are plans to put a small museum documenting the history of the arena.

There will be a wretsling memoralbilia and author fest for general subjects in the Dover-New Philadelphia (Ohio) sometime in late winter. Watch for details here.

For information on a sale of videos, signed photos and other items being cleared out write to see what is offered. sale supposed to last as long as items remain.

The Emperor is an interesting vaillains seeing action in California and other parts of the west, taking the psychotic role to a new extreme by claiming himself to be Napoleon more or less.

Sugar Daddy is a rotund, but effective manager gainign a lot of bookings and attention in the indy circuits of the midwest. A white version of the late Sweet Daddy Watts, for those with long memories, from the 1960s.

Coach Dillon is another fairly new face in the midwest who can be read about at

Nighthawk, a captivating western wrestler, is out with a knee injury, but should be returning to action soon.

Shane Sensation took a serious shoulder injury in Canton, Ohio, but is expected to return to action soon.

Cowboy Bob Yuma, retired wrestler from the 1970s, was hospitalized recently in Phoenix, but is recovering for undisclosed health problems.

Christian Vaughn, The Time Traveler, Mr. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo and Mr. Bow-Wow-Wow may all be heading to New Jersey or Connecticutt for at least one show in the winter if money agreements and final details may be worked out.

WAR promotions out of Lima, Ohio, plans a big benefit show for the family of deceased wrestler Stevie Lee in early January. Look for details here soon, in the news section or on the message board.

Wrestling writer, Dale Pierce, has an e-book out at but it has nothing to do with wrestling. The topic is death in the Mexican and Spanish bullring, but pierce has also noted the possibility of a book on fatalities in the ring or deaths hortly afterward, if it comes to pass, in 2006. So little has been said about Johnny Hunter, Chief Booktnaka, Spider, Oro, Spike Peterson, Ali pasha, Ike Eakins and others who died in the ring or from heart attacks right after a bout, that could make for an interesting read.

Jaizin Blaze is a smaller young man, but is building a massive fan following among indies in the midwest.

Vic Montana, who started as a manager in Ohio, has evidently graduated to the point where he is wrestling some matches.

An exhibition of Mexican masks and lucha libre relics was held in Tucson recently and drew much acclaim. Much relating to the career of bordertown star, centrella Negra, was on display. Various retired wrestlers from the Arizona-Mexico border attended the exhibition as well.

Precious Lucy, known for her mixed brawls with male wretslers in New England some time ago has become a big star in the Orient and back in her native Canada, but has changed her name to LuFisto.

Beastmaster won't be bringing his live bears to any cards soon, as the animals have begun hibernation.

Stormtrooper returns to action in West Virginia after a lengthy absence.

The black wrestler, Kano and Tyrone Evans, have been wretsling each other but have been reformed into a murderous tag team by black manager, Bounce. The change was a smart one for together they have been provoking a load of heat from the crowds.

Caster McFear continues to draw well in the ontario area and is becoming a fairly hot item about the indy scene.

Independent wrestler Stevie Lee (real name Russ Hardman) died from a bloodclot to the brain on October 12, though doctors have maintained it was NOT a wrestling related injury. He woke up with a headache and blurred vision, was taken to a hospital in Akron (Ohio), went into a coma and never came out of it..

Light heavyweights, Purple Hooter and Mike Hercum had a tremendous brawl of a match in Barberton, Ohio on October 11, which saw some truly incredible action. These two need to get out there and be seen with some other promotions around the midwest and east, as their feud could be a big hit.

Christopher Daniels continues to look impressive in TNA and may be one of the most underrated grapplers in modern indy history.

An S O B wrestling in the midwest (gotta love the name) is not the same wrestler who worked as THE S O B in Arizona in the late 1990s.

PC is a new wrestler in the midwest who uses a personal laptop with a vengeance much like Jim Duggan uses that plank or Paul E Dangerously used to swing a cell phone.

Ivory has been making the rounds on indie cards throughout the USA and has had several good matches.

Kid Rageous is a black wrestler gaining a lot of bookings in various midwestern states, with a very flashy style.

UWC continues to run shows in central Ohio and a certain amount of past bad blood between them and the NCW promotion has been put aside, with wrestlers from both promotions on each other's cards. UWC runs weekly shows on Tuesday nights at The Shamrock in Barberton, near Akroin, utilizing John Potock, Time Bomb, Kano, Tyrone Evans, GQ Status, Christian Vaughn, Jessica Havoc, The Time Traveler, Jaime Starr, Mickey Showtime and Jebediah Yoder.

Indie wrestler, the Postman, died recently at a relatively young age, from natural causes.

Nikita Koloff to make a swing of the midwest in October, preaching at churches.

Lanny Poffo made a return to the indy ring in california recently, facing Brian Walsch in a 2/3 fall match. At age 50 and being relatively inactive in the ring for years, he was still able to leap!

It had to happen sooner or later. Sadaam Bin Ladin appeared as a hated Arab rulebreaker in western indy circles recently.

Jabari is becoming a big draw in the southern and midwestern rings. For a bigger wrestler, he does amazing moves and shows great speed.

Flama Eternidad is becoming a draw on the Mexican border.

Though based out of New York, Johnny Ova continues to gets everal bookings per month, both with the travelling Christian promotions and secular offices.

Jaime Starr is becoming a very hated manager in Ohio and Michigan rings, with a stable and a good, old-fashioned style of villainry.

Lones Oaks to run a show in Alliance, Ohio on October 22 at the armory..

Celebrate Halloween with a spooky night of Buckeye Pro Wrestling at Wolfie’s Showcase in Middletown on Thursday, October 20th...

Buckeye Pro Wrestling will haunt the halls of Wolfie’s Showcase (2830 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. In Middletown, OH) on Thursday night, October 20th, as BPW presents "Halloween Horrors".

Doors creek open at 7pm and belltime is 7:45. The event features a variety of Halloween activities including ghostly decorations, a costume contest with cool prizes, and FREE CANDY for the kids.

The main event of the evening is an 18-man "Halloween Horrors" battle royal where anything goes and plenty of scary weapons will add to the carnage. The one lucky enough to survive the ghoulish chaos wins a future BPW Heavyweight Title shot. Participants will include Shark Boy, Spyder Nate Webb, and a host of other devilish contenders.

Plus, "The Monster" Abyss from Spike TV’s "TNA Impact" will put his newly won BPW Heavyweight Title on the line for the very first time. London’s own Nigel McGuinness will attempt to defeat the TNA terror in this battle for championship gold.

Also on the card is a match where one man is guaranteed to exit the building in a frightful state as BPW owner Dean Baldwin will attempt to settle the score with Cody Hawk in a Stretcher Match. The brawl will continue until one poor soul is confined to a stretcher by his opponent and sent to the hospital... or possibly the morgue!

Three other matches round out the night of screams and scares including a BPW Tag Team Title Match pitting champions Foreign Intelligence against Lotus & Crazy J. CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Tickets the night of the event are only $12 for Adults and $6 for Kids 12 and under. For a limited time, 3 tickets are only $25 online at and at the following locations:

In Middletown: Music Central (1959 Central Ave.), Jade Dragon (1349 Central Ave.) and PowerStation Gym (1821 S. University). In Lebanon: One Source Cash Advance (1231 Columbus Ave., Ste. F6) near the Krogers shopping center.

Get discount tickets now! Don’t miss this fun night of headlocks and Halloween horror!

CPA is becoming a controversial figure in the midwest and the east, liked by some and utterly hated by others.

Nortern Extreme Wrestling starts running in northern Ohio in September. Email info at

Wrestling writer Dale Pierce has an ebook published dealing with hbnis interests in another ring, titled Death Rides The Horns. As with his photo gallery combining Mexican bullfights and lucha libre on this page, he has released a book ond eath in the bullring, with orders available at and one has to wonder if an ebook on death in wrestling may be next, so we will have to wait and see.

Necro Butcher and Mr. Insanity have been engaging in bloody brawls throughout the midwest with violence and intensity seldom seen.

Wrestling Then & Now newsletter is back in the hands of the original editor, Evan Ginzburg. For subscriptions or information on this predominately nostalgic sheet, write at

El Jinete De la Muerte is supposed to return to action in california after a lengthy absence.

Spyder Baby (that is the correct spelling) becoming a top draw among indies in the Wisconsin area.

Impact Zone Wrestling runs regularly at The Sets club in Tempe, Arizona, drawing large crowds.

Retired wrestler, Al Madril, a big deal in the southwest in the 1970s and in the northwest in the 1980s, now repairing cars in California and denying he ever had anything to do with wrestling when asked.

Pennsylvania manager, The Stud, was hurt in a motorcycle wreck recently.

New promotion out of Canton, Ohio. For details their email is

Rumors are Mr Insanity may be considering doing a book on his years as a hardcore wrestler.

Daron Smythe & Dash Bennett, as "The Premeire Players" have been seeing a lot of action in the south and midwest.

Tiger Warson, who started out in Arizona in the 1990s, is now in Colorado and gossip is he will be making a comeback. Watson also appeared under a mask as Gamara. ,

Veteran wrestler Chris Tolos died in Canada recently after a very long set of illnesses. As one half of the Tolos Brothers with John Tolos, they were collectively known as "The Greek Wrecking Crew" or "The Golden Greeks" in their heyday. The 1960s saw them in their greatest moments as a tag team.

Main Event Championship Wrestling returns to the Canton Civic Arena in Canton, Ohio on September 17. The Dudleys, Ivory, Jessicka Havock, The Time Traveler, The Buckaroos, Shane Sensation, Mr Insanity, Justin Diaz, Wilbur Whitlock and others are on the card.

Established East Coast indy wrestler Chris Cash was killed in a motorcycle accident recently.

Find A Place To Die, A Pictorial History of Death in the West, $4.95 plus $1.50 mailign via Alternative Pub., 4245 Francis Way, Lamesa, California 91941, includes a biography of wrestler Frank Gotch and the controversies surrounding his death.

Mad Man Pondo had a successful tour of Japan recently.

Brandon Oliver is presenting interesting cards with his promotion in the San Antonio area.

Michelle Starr continues to promote cards in northern Canada using a number of wrestlers from British Columbia and Washington.

UWC runs shows every Tuesday night at The Shamrock in Barbertin, Ohio, utilizing Mickey Showtime, Lones Oaks, John Pottock, The Unknown, Virus, Time Bomb, The Purple Hooter and others.

Nikita Allanov has become a hated "Russian" on the Ohio-West Virginia border, gaining lots of heat in matches in the smaller towns.

Former backyarder, Tack, has become quite good since undergoing actual trainign and is now being seen in a nubmer of midwestern promotions.

Extremely Canadian Championship Wrestling Presents

The Supergirls of Wrestling

Friday September 23rd., 8 PM
Bridgeview Hall-11475 126 A. St., Surrey

Saturday September 24th., 8 PM
Russian Centre-2114 W. 4th Ave (at Arbutus), Vancouver

Supergirls Champion Rebecca Knox from Ireland
Nattie Neidhart from Stampede Wrestling in Calgary
Cheerleader Melissa from APW in San Francisco
Belle Lovitz from Stamepede Wrestling in Calgary
LuFisto aka Precious Lucy, Indy star from Montreal
Samantha Slides from Monster Pro Wrestling in Edmonton
Charlote Webb-ECCW
Miss Chevious-ECCW

Tickets on sale TUESDAY at all usual outlets



JWA-United Professional Wrestling returns to the center of Boonton, New Jersey on Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 6:00 P.M. for its biggest show of the year at the Elks Club at 125 Cornelia Street.

At 6 p.m. sharp, WWE Hall of Fame Legend Johnny V will present his one-man show: An Evening With Luscious Johnny Valiant. This will be followed immediately by a live pro wrestling event at 7 p.m., SUMMERBASH 3!

A ticket will grant you admission to both shows for the bargain price of just $10. Tickets may be ordered online at

An Evening With Luscious Johnny Valiant As a two-time World Wide Wrestling Federation tag team champion, Johnny Valiant sold out huge arenas worldwide and has many a story to tell. And as an actor, stand-up, and improv artist, he's worked with the best that show business has to offer.

In "An Evening With Johnny Valiant" the WWE Hall of Famer tells his life story and what a story it is. From appearing in the WWF's Wrestlemania before 93,000 people to a recurring role on The Sopranos, Johnny has seen and done it all. And On August 27 at 6:00 p.m. Johnny Valiant returns to The Elks Lodge at 125 Cornelia Street in Boonton, New Jersey.

The media's raved about Johnny Valiant. The WWE was there to cover his funny and poignant show for Raw Magazine. So don't miss "An Evening With Johnny Valiant"!

For more on Johnny Valiant check out:,, and

Immediately following Johnny V's performance will be


The main event has been signed!

UWF World Champion Rockin' Rick Silver vs. ..1 contender Bill Ding: It will be a battle of fan favorites as Rick Silver defends his newly-won United Wrestling Federation title against the huge powerhouse known as Bill Ding. Silver is a seasoned veteran, while Bill Ding remains undefeated in JWA-United. Who will be victorious? You'll have to be there to find out!

In another World Title match, JWA Wrestling Alliance World Champion The Hot Rocker will take on Ron Zombie. The Rocker boasts a title reign lasting over four years, but he faces his toughest challenger to date in big Ron Zombie. This may be the end an era for The Hot Rocker.

JWA-United World Tag Team Champions The "Manaical" Hubie Volk & The Great Cerenzio defend against "Textbook" Philly Madison & Max Gaeta, managed by The "Diabolical One" Joe Rules. Volk and Cerenzio feuded extensively before Cerenzio chose Hubie to replace his former tag team partner. Philly Madison has been searching for the right tag team partner, and may have found him in Max Gaeta. With Joe Rules now guiding their careers, will Madison & Gaeta take home the gold? Or will Cerenzio & Volk put their past behind them and continue to hang on to the straps?

JWA-United World Women's Champion Ariel defends her championship against "Pryme Tyme" AmyLee, with Luxurious Lynne. The International Wrestling Superstar, Ariel, has held the World Women's Title since October 26, 2003. Since that time, she has also captured the G.L.O.R.Y. Championship and appeared in Mexico and Japan. AmyLee, however, has both a size and experience advantage, and with The Luxurious One in her corner, there's no telling what will happen. She's turned back the challenges of Cindy Rogers, Luscious Lily, and others, but has Ariel finally met her match?

JWA-United always places a heavy emphasis on the women's division, and SummerBash 3 will be no exception. In a special women's tag team bout, Kenny Casanova's Diva Killaz - Miss DeVille & Kayla Sparks will face the new team of Cindy Rogers & Synndy. This one's going to be a real barnburner!

Also at SummerBash 3 in Boonton, you will see Chocolate Boy Wonder, Buttery Bert Williams, Ethan de Sade, Erik Andretti, Taylor Nicole, B.M. Foster, Della Morte, Section 8, Major Burns, Beth, Just G, Travis Blackchurch, Brodie Lee, Joey Image, Corvis Fear, Chris Maverick, and MORE!

"Bill Ding v Rick Silver and Diva Killaz v Cindy and Synndy!! I'm there!!!"--Brett S., Wrestling Clothesline

Driving Directions:

From Rt. 80/Route 287 North: Rt. 80 East/West - take exit 43 for Rt. 287 and follow the signs for Rt. 287 N. Take Rt. 287N approx. 2.8 miles to exit 44, Main Street Boonton. Follow the ramp to the right. Go to the stop sign. Make a right onto Main Street. Go approx. 3 tenths of a mile (thru 2 lights). Make a right onto Cornelia Street which is just after the Post office. The Elks hall is about 100 yards up on the right hand side.

From Rt. 287 S: Take exit 45 for Myrtle Street Boonton - Make a left at the end of the ramp on to Myrtle Street. Go 8 tenths of a mile to the third light, Main Street Boonton. Make a right onto Main Street and go 2 tenths of a mile thru one light. Make a right onto Cornelia Street which is just after the Post office. The Elks hall is about 100 yards up on the right hand side.

From Rt. 46 - Turn onto Boulevard, which is at the light across from 'The Evergreen' fine catering facility. Go 2.2 miles on Boulevard until it becomes W. Main Street, which curves to the right past the Texaco station and Kings Supermarket on your left. Go approx. 6 tenths of a mile where W. Main Street becomes Main Street in Boonton. Go three tenths of a mile to the light at Boonton Ave. Go thru the light. Make a left onto Cornelia Street which is just before the Post office. The Elks hall is about 100 yards up on the right hand side.

Parking - There is limited free parking at the Elks' hall. There is two-hour free on-street parking where available. There are also 2 public parking lots within three blocks of The Boonton Elks Hall. One is on Boonton Ave. Turn at the Boonton Ave. light and the parking lot is on the right - 2-hour metered parking, 25 cents per hour, 9-5, M-Sa. The second is off Plane St., located across the street from Boonton Ave. Turn at Plane St. and the lot is on the right - 50 cents for the day, 9-5, M-Sa. In this lot there are 20 spaces that offer two-hours-free. Meters on the side streets are either two or nine hour meters depending on the space.

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

For Information Contact:

Brandon Oliver

210-842-8398 or fax: 210-615-8832

River City Wrestling to present a professional wrestling event on August 27

Alamo City Wrestling fans gear up for RCW’s event, “The Phoenix”

San Antonio will never be the same again as River City Productions-Wrestling presents River City Wrestling on Saturday, August 27, 7-9:30 p.m., at the Hope of Glory Church, Recreation Center, 339 W. Hutchins. The card features grapplers from the state of Texas as well as from around the world, with the spotlight being on the RCW Championship Tournament Qualifiers.

Six matches will be featured. Out of the six, four will be entry matches into the RCW Championship Tournament, which will be held at a later date. Appearing on the card will be:

Brett Anthony: 6’, 230 lbs., Houston Texas. An incredible athlete, this young up-and-comer has the high-flying abilities and technical skills that set him apart from the heavyweights in the game, and his muscular frame gives him an edge over cruiserweights.

Jeremy Lopez: 5’7”, 175 lbs., Tampa, Florida. Lopez has quickly climbed the ladder in the ranks of wrestling. After training with WWE and WCW superstar Dean Malenko, and then later with Osaka Pro Wrestling in Japan, Lopez has wrestled for both WWE and WCW.

These athletes and more will be on the card, which is subject to change. Ticket prices are $5 in advance, $7 at the door. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. For more information, including an Internet special on ticket prices, visit, or call Brandon Oliver at (210) 842-8398.

San Antonio ticket locations are at: Hope of Glory Church, 339 W. Hutchins; Arts of the Scholar Warrior Gym, the training ground of RCW wrestlers, located at 1126 W. Hildebrand.


Brandon Oliver
Owner - River City Productions, est. 2002
Promoter - River City Wrestling, est. 2002
Phone - (210) 842-8398
Fax - (210) 615-8832
E-Mail -
Web -,,
4319 Medical Drive, #131-126
San Antonio, TX 78229

W.A.R. Wrestling
***Proudly Presents***

Saturday Night September 10th
UAW Hall 1440 Bellefontaine Ave.
Lima, Ohio 45804
Doors Open 7pm / Belltime 8pm


Steel Cage Match
Career - Dusty Dillinger
Title - "Sweet" Stevie Lee with Jayme Braxton

Plus: The 1st Round of the Tag-Team Tournament, With these teams scheduled to appear:

1. The Highlanders
Robbie & Rory MacAllister

2. The Soul Shooters
"Poison" Appollo Starr & Drew "Tha Don" Johnson

3. Necessary Roughness
Jon Moxley & Jimmy Turner

4. The A-List
"Hot Commodity" Mattson & "High Class" Carlton Kaz

5. Delivery Inc.
Stamp Lickage & "Disgruntled" Dexter Dementia

6. Cody Hawk & Tack

7. Crazy J & Lotus

8. Michigan Invasion
Truth Martini & "Amazing" N8 Mattson

9. Michigan Invasion
Eddie Venom & Jaimy Coxx

10. Mid-West Mafia
Tony Scarpone & Robert Anthony

11. Danny Daniels & Scotty Sabre

12. The Show Stoppers
"Your Hero" Mr. Main Event & "Awesome" Gary Dawson

13. The Rootin' Tootin' Buckaroos
"Tombstone" Tex Tootin & "Rhinestone" Rex Rootin

14. The Tactician's
Chad Collyer & Matt Stryker

15. "Metal Head" Steve Stone & Tyler Hollister

Plus: At least 1 more team to be announced. Maybe More!!!


Tickets are $10 Advance / $12 At the Door
Advance Tickets Purchased at:
Rigali's Pizza Village
Groamy CD's & Tapes

***Card Subject to Change***

___________________________________________________________________ (message board) For More Info.

***NOTE*** The Highlanders will still be appearing pending WWE Approval due to them signing developmental deals.

Thomas A. Williams
W.A.R. Wrestling
No Politics & BS, Just Professional Wrestling

Mr Insanity, a wellknown midwestern indy star, finally received his chance to go to Japan after a number of delays.

JWA wrestling continues to run in New Jersey and other eastern states, using Joe Rules, Rick Silver, Hot Rocker, Textbook Philly Madison, Ariel and others. See the webpage in the links for information.

Taylor Nicole has become an impressive figure in women wrestling on the east coast.

AIW out of Cleveland continues to run in northern Ohio utilizing JT Lightning, Nick Tatum, John Thorn, Thrillbilly, Mad Dog 20, Josh Prohibition and others.

Riot At The Garden is a book originally released in 1979 and sold as a program in Phoenix, but has been reissued with photos. ordering information at for details. Curiously, the arena which was used from 1929 to 1979, housing such greats as Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George, Tito Montez, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Don Arnold, Afa & Sika, Dick Hutton, Bob Carson and Buddy Rogers will be torn down in late 2005 to put in a new office building...

Wild West Characters, $6.95 plus mailing via Golden West Publishers, 4113 N. Longview, Phoenix, Arizona, 85014, information at for added details, offers a look at western era gunfighters, boxers, ministers, lawmen, politicians and wrestlers from 1865 to 1925. A couple of olden day grapplers are featured in the text, including Frank Gotch, Fred Beel, Bill Muldoon and others.

OCW continues to run central Ohio on a regular basis using Jeff Cannon, Beastmaster, Joe Joe Little, Cruz Sangrada, The Rootin-Tootin Buckaroos, BJ Cummings, Wrathchild, GQ Status, Jebediah Yoder, Sidesaddle Sally, Crissi Ricci, Jim Duggan, and others. has just released a new trailer for the '101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler' DVD production which relates to recent events in the pro wrestling industry. 18 pro wrestlers were released from their contracts during the week of July 4, 2005 and when such events like this take place, it makes many wrestlers wonder if they could be next to lose their job.

Should pro wrestlers form a union? The question has been asked many times and a lot of veteran wrestlers that are no longer in the spotlight wish that they had formed a union when they had the opportunity to make a difference.

A time will come in the pro wrestling industry when today's superstars will be retired veterans with little money, no retirement plan and they will look back at their careers regretting they didn't form a union when they had the chance. Now is the time for pro wrestlers to seize the opportunity and form a union, but will they do it? is proud to release a new trailer that covers the topic of pro wrestlers forming a union. To view the trailer go to and at that link you can also read supplemental information explaining how to form a union, a petition for pro wrestlers to sign to form a union, as well as other information regarding a union for pro wrestlers.

You can order the '101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler' DVD at The DVD is not region coded so it will play in any DVD player in any country in the world.

If you would like to contact the director of the documentary in regards to business inquiries or media inquiries, email Michael Moody at

The Windows Media Player version for the union trailer has a few unexplained audio glitches due to file conversion and it runs over 5 minutes long. The Quicktime version of the union trailer has no audio glitches and runs nearly 10 minutes long.

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