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Wrestling Photos Around the World Page Six

Wolfman vs. Shane Shadows

Candi Divine

Debbie Combs

Abdullah The Butcher

Justin Diaz

Champ Thomas

Fantasia vs. The Freak

Johnny Graham

"Maniac" Mike Beasang


Larry Monti

George "Super" Hooper

Armon Hussein

Green Dragon

"Big Guns" Jeff Cannon

G.Q. Status

Michelle Starr

Time Traveler and Rainbow

"Mr. 8x10" Michael Cruz

The Time Traveler in Martins Ferry, Ohio, Sept. 2003, right before his return to managing

Mr. Big Stuff

Superman Styles

Referee Tony Wolfe

Masked Marauder

The Stray Cats
Phil & Scott Davis

The Time Traveler, Rainbow, and Gillburg

Jebediah Yoder, Brain Damage, and Shasta

Helena Heavenly

G.Q. Status vs. Mr. Insanity

T. Rantula

The Coshocton Connection


Rick Fuller

Jason Rage

Chris Morgan & Eradicator

Lones Oaks


Jason Cage

The Unknown

Eddie Insane

Stormtrooper and Bishop Slade

Tito Montez

Shane Sensation

Luscious Laura & The Mongol


Shane Ballard vs. Cynide

Fatty McNasty


Don Arnold

Kevin Featherstone

Dirty Sanchez

Dirty The Clown

The Stud

Chris Morgan

Dark Star

Brian O

Joe Joe Little

Lady Serena

King Tut

Lord Zoltan

Jessicka Havoc

Hot Summer vs. Tiffani Monroe

Homeless Drunk Guy

Luscious Laura and Ballard Brothers

The Time Traveler

Dirty The Clown vs. Justin Diaz

Kid Italy

The Stud & Referee Dave Rogers

Ben Justice

Johnny Ova & Bobby Rydell

Johnny Ova


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