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Welcome to my Homepage... this is the place for your Mario, Zelda, Metroid, & MegaMan info! For at least a half of a year, I've been planning to create this website, now it's finally a reality!

What you'll find here...

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  • FLASH!!!

    I'm desigining a new website. But don't worry. MMZM will not be closing. But the files on here will eventually be linked from that site. The new website is going to be bigger, have more subjects, and more info, and(hopefully) more updates. Click on the link below to see the main menu.

    I'm curently working on a section called "Characters" which will have profiles on almost every character connected to each of the site's subjects. After that, I'll begin on the Peaunts & Ernest section as a tribute to Charles M. Schulz & Jim Varney. May they rest in peace. Then I'll begin with the NES section and work my way down. I hope to have the main sections done by Summer.

  • Click here to visit Mariorox's Multitude of Information; this link has been fixed! Send me feedback please
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