Tragic Scene...
::Deadly Plane Crash Leaves Stepbourn Family In Horror::
~*~Last J@y Tv Scene~*~ The scene opens up to wreckage scattered in the coasts edge on the flight to Italy. A helicopter lands near the wreckage sight as it is blocked off by police and ambulances have been on the scene. A population number of the people that have been killed within the wreckage are 45 people. One of which is XW Platinum Champion's Jay Stepbourn. On a plane that was supposed to land in Sicily Italy, despite a storm they ran into up in the heighth of where they were in the air, the pilot lost control and it is surprising more aren't dead. The loss of what has happened comes to a shock to not only the wrestling world but to the people Jay Stepbourn considered family, and friends. The scene fades out from the wreckage and to a living room scene of Denise Stepbourn sitting in a chair with tears trickeling down her face as she wipes them away with a tissue. Sobbing continuously, she tries to speak.~*~Last J@y Tv Scene~*~

Denise: [trying to stop for a few moments] I am sorry to say, my husband...Jay Stepbourn has died in the plane crash on his way to Italy. It was a plan by the XW, but not only the idea of Jay' over there for a couple do on Giovanni Sambora. [Starts to cry again]

[A woman walks in and it is what is believed to be Denise's sister. She consults her sister and speaks for her as Denise cries on her shoulder.]

Donna: This is very hard...for not only us but for the friends Jay did have. Us as a few are the only family he had and it is a tragic happening that he has went out this way. We would just like to thank the fans...and everyone else that has supported Jay..including the XW and Daman Washington and Chris Carey...Jason Sensation, Jay's good friend off the scene is now in the XW and...we love you Jason and call us when you have heard the news. Jay was so excited about you and Holliday coming in after the stint in ASW...that you both lightened up his career. The whole XW as a whole has lighted up his career. And for me speaking for my sister who loved Jay with all her heart...despite what has been seen...Jay and her had really stuck together through the years. To all the people...that have supported him through the years. We thank you...and we love you all. Take time to remember Jay like we remember him as. A loving caring man that was planning for an even bright future. At 27 years old, a great man has died. got to know Jay good and we appreciate if you would call us to. AC Smooth...we're sorry you have had this loss to..we wish you a bright future..[gets sadder] We need more support even now that he has passed. We'll love you and miss you Jay... Its so hard...take it to the scenes of Jay..we cant do this talking no more..

[Denise is still crying as Donna starts to break up and cry herself as the camera fades out and we go to clips of Stepbourn in the ring at his most heightened moments in the beginning of his career. Following through all of it coming to the premier XW where Jay got to show what he truly had in and out of the ring. Then, the last clip of him getting on the plane...and talking on the plane...shed the tears of many that were involved in Jays life...and many of the fans that had a chance to watch Jay do what he did best and that was entertain, wrestle, and be the man that everyone knew him as behind the scenes.]

RIP::JAY STEPBOURN::RIP 1974 - 2001 XW Platinum Champion