AC Smooth Will Soon Be Made As Just Another Mark On Jay Stepbourns HIT LIST...
:::Get Over It:::
~*~J@y Tv~*~ Speaking his mind, always on time, watching all sorts of crime but never dropping the dime, because even the loss of spare change can hurt you when it comes to staying on your game in this business Professional Wrestling. What do all people want? They want the title Jay has now brought on his side of the book. It's a whole new chapter Jay Stepbourn has started, what is inside the chapter is about to be seen. Going in order, the new chapter will start out with AC Smooth. Just to set him as the first example of what the new chapter is like. So then, all the people in the back that want a piece of Jay can see it's not so exciting once you finally get to that point. The glamour and fame of being the XW Platinum Champion is now set as all of your dreams and goals. Beating the top man, Jay Stepbourn is what all of you would like to do. It's a fact he has proven he is the top man in the biz and the people that disagree can come try him. He has left open all challenges, but right now Daman Washington wants him to destroy AC Smooth. Not sure of what Jay will get into when "destroying" Smooth, but lets just say this, he won't be a pretty boy anymore after what Stepbourn puts him through. Jay came out and told everyone how it was on Thursday Night Shock, now the examples will begin. Non title match with AC Smooth, why? You actually think he would deserve a title shot this early? Hell no. You honestly think Jay would've cared anyways? Hell no! Words were said on Kevin Jones, the cheap shotter that is in need of getting his when the time comes. He knows what terms he is on with Stepbourn, whether he pushes the terms or not, Jay really could care less. Omega, more business indulges him, he needs to focus on Giovanni more than anything else. Right now, all Jay will focus on is AC Smooth. Smoking marijuana was in Tijuana, once and awhile you'll see him smoking some in the states, but Tijauna was that certain party time that allowed him to go past the limits he was kept to in the United States. AC wants to tell us he's going to move up till he gets to the top? Well, get over yourself, and wake up and smell the coffee Smooth. You won't be in Jay's league until the end of time. Then you still won't be in Jay Stepbourns league. It's that simple that you are just not up there on that level. In my mind, nobody is on that level in this place besides Jay Stepbourn. I mean lets face it Jay Stepbourn is in his zone and unlike when people said that with Omega making a complete joke out of it after Jay showed Omega was not the "unstoppable" after all. It's all common sense if you people would think a little more, now it's something that will be there no matter what. XW is a change of pace, step up your gears boys because a whole new ride is about to take off. Now we can cut to the Jay Tv's scene.~*~J@y Tv~*~

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Back in the states, the scene comes to an opening in Chicago, Illinois. The city that Jay is from, as we heard he has been there with Denise in one of their main stay houses. The camera's view moves to the inside of the large house. A big screen television sits in the living room, along with leather sofa's and a few chairs. CD stereo system is set up, but this is not what the camera is focusing on. On top of the big screen television is the X-Wrestling Platinum title. Looking shined up as a voice is heard from behind. "Good to be back home." As the camera's scene turns to the right, we see Jay Stepbourn standing there drinking out of a carton of orange juice. He closes it back up holding onto it. Jay is in knee length black and white skull shorts with a small tank top on. He gets to speaking.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: I liked the partying days down in Tijuana, Mexico. It was some great fun down there with all those crazy mexican shit heads. Got the chance to meet up with Cuban White. We chilled and partied. But I am about partied out man. It's good to come back home and take a breather for a few days. Catch up on some sleep, unlucky me, Denise found out about what went on in that Tijuana strip club and she got pissed. She threw a lamp at me. I felt like I was dodging bullets man...I'm tellin' thing about partying, if you f-ck up on camera once, the rest of the times you're off the camera, the women won't trust ya.[Scratches his head and shakes it from the right to left.] Bad enough I cheated on her before, but I admit I f-cked up again. Relationships, I never was that good in. Winning at what I do best, I'm always damn good at. That strap of platinum on top of that television right there shows my point.

[Takes another drink from the OJ carton, as he holds it straight up he drinks the last few remaining drops that it holds. Closing it up, he tosses it to a near by garbage.] While I sat back the other night after I addressed everyone in my short comments at Shock, I seen the show and it really did not impress me. These guys coming out and saying they are deserving of the shine of the light they get, I don't see how they deserve it. AC Smooth is one man that comes in here and the only reason he has any recognition is from the way he represented himself in the past. That and whatever him and Falc have going on against each other. He ended up getting the win over Green last night and he showcased some talents. Compared to me though Smooth you actually think you are up there only because you ran with the big guys back then in the past? Well I got some news for you, this is not the past Smoothy and this is not your past time buddies trying to take a shot at you. This is Jay Stepbourn, something you damn near think you know, when you don't have any clue of what I'm about. You may of watched me through the whole stay of me being here, watching me build this place to what it is, and now you think you know me? You don't know shit. Only thing you probably know is the fact you were a has been, now, because you beat Green and want to pick a fight with Daman Washington you think you are something special? Give me a break here. You are not anything special and nor will I treat you like you are. In my mind this match doesn't stand a chance to making it to stardom, but if you plan to become even more of a star in XW by facing are damn right you will but the only way you are going to have to become a star in a match with me is by losing to me the only way you know how to AC...and that is as Smooth as possible.

[Jay takes a seat on a leather chair and sits back. He lays his head on against the chair and smirks at the camera, the feeling of arrogance and ego crosses his face as you can see it in his eyes.] As you sit there and almost make your little girl friend cry from drinking, I can sit here and tell you like it is in the most arrogant fashion and still be able to back my shit up Smooth. From what I have heard you used to do that real good, maybe in some ways the same as me, well if that's the case you show me how good you can back the arrogant shit up and I'll make note of it if I have to. If I see it as something that is not that important to me like it is seeming right now I won't worry about it. [Pauses for a moment taking his focus off the camera, then focuses his eyes back on the lens.] I expected more from you than the cheap saying of telling me something that I knew you were going to come out and say. You know you are fucked when I come out and tell you I knew you were going to say something in particular. It's when I expect something shitty and then it comes out as bad ass is when you know you are in good position with me. You Smooth tried to sit and say me or Daman was scared to the point of marking the match Non title. I for one don't have the call on the matches. Secondly, he made the match that way because you don't deserve a shot even, but you do deserve a beating of a lifetime and I'm just the person to give it to you. So you see, it's not a cowardly act when you are on the other side not knowing the whole point of this is for you to get beat down without a cause. To put it in laymens terms...completely destroyed. As you can see now, and in that ring I'm not scared of you...hell bring a twelve foot guy weight six hundred pounds plus in there against me and I still won't back off and be "scared". And you better start tell your little girly friend to not to run her mouth as often as she does if she knows what's good for her. Either that or stick your dick down that slutty windpipe to shut her the hell up. When your woman voices her opinion every now and then, it is alright. When your woman wants to voice her opinion every damn promo, that's when the shit has to stop.

To you Smoothy, you can think all you want that I did a desk job to get where I am but what you don't know is you are one of the biggest bullshitters in the business and everyone knows that. What did AC Smooth just say? Oh..who knows who cares he's a big bullshitter anyways. I had to work for what I got, Daman didn't hand me anything. Except for now, he hands me you and that is a gift he wants me to rid XW of and after it goes by you so quick Smoothy, you really won't know what to think of it. Big time legend of the biz such as yourself going up against me, thinking a man of my stature can't beat you, well think again pal. Think long and hard on how I can beat you because once I get in there and show you in a matter of minutes how fast I could beat you if I wanted to, it will get you to realize just how damn good I am. But...I will be out to make an example out of you. A painful example that will set in on you and you will have wished I beat you quick instead of putting that old washed up body of yours through so much torture. Sure, you look good and built right now, but when you go against me...I can tear your mountain rock by rock and in the end you'll be looking like a skinny little man that should be placed as a manager ..not as no damn wrestler.

[The phone rings as Jay gets up off the chair and goes to answer it. He picks up the cordless phone and pushes the button.] Hello? Oh...hey Denise. Yeah, I was just cuttin a short promo..why? Oh c'mon don't bring that up, we went through this. All it was was what was shown on the tape you seen. Just kissing, I swear. I'll get Cuban to testify that and he tells everyone up front on anything. No I'm not here with anyone what the hell are you talking about? Oh yeah, like I'm gonna bring the mexican women up hide them from you get in an arguement with you and then sneak them inside and have a lot of sex. Do you know how stupid that sounds? Okay...I guess I'll see you in a little while than. Bye.[He pushes the button as you hear a 'beep' and he puts it back on the recorder. Walking back in and sitting back in his chair he goes to speaking again.] I'm not real sure how much longer Denise is going to handle this. She doesn't get over things quickly. She may even leave my ass.

Back to you Smoothy, the man that thinks he intimidates me with the words he uses to tell me that I'm not the best man here anymore. [Looks to the Platinum title on the big screen television, looks to be counting who he has beaten here, and looks to be counting how long he has been in XW proving how good he is.] Lets see here Smoothy, I still have the Platinum title that I have won to prove my points of being damn good. I have beaten some of the best the place has had to offer me. And ever since XW opened, I was here from the beginning and I will be here till the end. So now that you arrive on the scene all of a sudden you think you are the man now? Think you are a big shot because you beat Green? Oooo I am shaking in my shoes right now let me tell ya! As an old washed up fogie's saying goes..."To be the man you have to beat the man."... and even know I don't like using old washed up quotes when telling how it is but in this case I will use the old washed up quote on an old washed up wrestler. And Smoothy, if you have some thoughts of beating the man, which is obvious you do. You can sit and dream and think harder and harder and harder, watch the tapes of you, forget the tapes of me. Forget everything you can watch on me, look back on you. Watch your moves, watch your tactics, and watch how good you are. Then when Shock comes you can come out and truthfully try and prove that all you have watched and that all you have done actually means shit to me or means shit to the match...because in my whole heartedly opinion none of it matters and you won't be beating the man anytime soon, or anytime far beyond soon. So, much like your dreams of becoming a "star" again, keep dreaming like everyone else in this damn company that you will beat the man. [Gets up and walks over to the platinum title and wipes off a smudge on the very top looking at the belt. Then back at the camera.] That man is definitely me, and will stay me, and as long as XW stays on top...I will stay on top.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Jay leans back and stretches his back and starts to walk away from the camera as the scene fades to static.~*~J@y Tv~*~