html> Brian Thomas? Oh my god, What A Ratings Killer!

I Can't Explain The Feeling I Have In My Left Nut Right Now...

~*~J@y Tv~*~ All the glitz the glamour the fame and the money, is what some wrestlers look to in this business. Jay Stepbourn on the other hand proves night in and night out that he does it for the pure fact of showing how good he is and knowing from the beginning how good he can be. What went on Thursday night was just another night to have shown what Jay had and what Chris Green didn't. That is ring smarts. Jay finds his opponents limitations and his own limitations, if he finds himself lacking in whatever he needs to improve on and sees his opponent making an impressive showing, he may even lose the match if he doesn't get back on his game in a quick fashion. Chris Green was set as another example. An example of, fucking with Jay gets you the fame, the fortune, but also makes you sore the next day. Green couldn't get through the match doing it by himself, there was no way Jay thought he could. It was a joke. As Jay had said time in and time out, Frost and Green and now their 3rd butt buddy Brian Thomas are all jokes. Green made an impressive showing against Stepbourn, but that's all it was. Nothing more, nothing less. An impressive showing that got him some fame from getting outsmarted and out wrestled by a high level wrestler. Now Thomas has come back and stuck his nose where it does not belong. He has the cahonas to cheap shot Jay and now get a match to think he is actually worth a damn? What is this? Another joke Falcon has pulled out for Jay Stepbourn to put to shame? I suppose so. Whatever it may be, Brian Thomas, you are in for a treat my friend. You think you are serious? You think you are better than what you were? You actually have that tad bit of positive thinking you can defeat your role model Jay Stepbourn? Take a pill and fall fast asleep and go back to dreaming my friend, because this one is all Jay and the stormshadow will be put to a hault once again, by the greatest of all time....Jay Stepbourn.~*~J@y Tv~*~

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The scene opens to Idaho? Where are we at now? Jay has taken a left turn somewhere and wound up lost in Idaho, where he did not want to be. We are in Jay's 2000 Viper in the back seat looking to the front seat where Jay is driving and Denise is in the passengers seat looking at a map with the light in the car on. The time is around 11:00 pm Friday night March 9th. Jay has a Seattle Mariners fitted baseball cap on backwards on his head with a leather jacket on looking out on the road looking to be out in the middle of nowhere. Denise has her hair put up and has on a thicker winter coat. Looking at the map her and Jay have a small conversation.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Denise: Jay, I have no idea where we are. I am thinking we are near Boise, but if we were we should have hit it by now.

Jay Stepbourn: Dammit, how'd I get us into this mess. It shouldn't be difficult to get through. I'm telling you, maybe we should have flew down to Texas.

Denise: C'mon, we'll get out of this state and the reason we wanted to go in the car is so we have more time with each other. You got the camera man in the back seat, so we haven't been alone after we met him when we got out of Seattle.

Jay Stepbourn: I just thought it would be a somewhat alright idea, to be on the road and talk on another idiot Brian Thomas.

Denise: Well Jay, I wanted some alone time with you instead of having him around through parts of this trip. (Her hand travels to the inside of his thigh) I wanna be alone with you.

Jay Stepbourn: (Looks down at her hand, then back on the road and then at her.) You seem to be a little horny devil right now.

Denise: Yeah, well maybe I am a little bit of a horny devil right now...(Her hand moves up farther)

Jay Stepbourn: Whoa....helllloo...maybe I should stop the car off to the side and have him stand outside while we get some alone time.

Denise: We could do that if you want to...I'm up for it ...

Jay Stepbourn: Shit..I don't think he'd have a choice where to go. Although he does have the camera crew van following us. I'm up for it to. Pretty crazy...but hell...who said we weren't...(Pushes the button to roll down his window and signals for the crew van to stop to the side.)

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Jay starts to pull off to the side of the road and comes to a complete stop. The camera man gets out of the car and so does Jay. He walks up to the van and explains what is going on, and goes walking back to the car. The camera stays outside the car behind it.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: (Looks towards the camera) I'll signal when we are done, you can go ahead and get in the crew's van and drink and eat with whatever you guys have in there. Little pimped out shack in there, and me and Denise are going to have some fun, then we will be back on the road again in no time at all. (Waves off to the camera man as the crew can't believe what they are hearing and seeing.)

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Jay gets in the car and shuts off the lights and they get in the back seat and all of a sudden their heads disappear and you have an idea of what they are doing. It is dark outside and dark in the car, so it is barely able to see inside anyways. The scene fades to black.~*~J@y Tv~*~

1 Hour 30 Minutes Later

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The scene opens back up and Jay steps out of the back seat of the car with a black n mild cigar, puffin on it. As he wipes the sweat from his forehead, Denise steps out behind him and is seen fixing her bra from the outside. Jay signals to the camera man as Denise walks around the other side with a smile on her face and gets in the passengers seat again. The camera man walks up to the car and Jay goes to get inside and sees the camera man not getting in.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: What are you doing just standing there? Get inside the car...(The camera man nods a no) What you don't want to get in there because of what we did in there? Oh you big cissy. Get in the front seat and we will do some interview time on me speaking on my opponent for the next Thursday night event, I'll hop in the back.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ With that Jay hops in the back seat with his black n mild cigar still huffin and puffin. The camera man gets in the front and positions himself to where he can see Jay and Denise some.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Denise: So what are you doing now? Taking some interview time or what? Or is it just because he doesn't want to get in the back?

Jay Stepbourn: Actually it is sort of both. (Takes an inhale of his cigar and blows it out in a cloud of smoke) It is something else Denise, that Brian Thomas can come over from Absolute Shitty Wrestling being the last place he showed his face in and step into this world with his half assed butt buddies Frost and Green. That is where your first mistake came in to play Thomas. This is not your fake Jay Stepbourn ASW act going on here, this is the reality check XW Jay act included. What you got at that Tower of Death match awhile back in those cages was only a sample of what I had for you. I broke you down very easily Thomas, what makes you think I can't do it this time around even worse? You have got yourself into trouble and now you have no way out, exactly like your little friend Chris Green. He needed your help, yet it still failed. You taking cheap shots on me, oh I expected someone to start taking cheap shots in on me...I just figured you learned your lesson of fucking with me a long time ago. Now you are back for some more? Fine with me Brian, but now you are into the deep end, far worse than you wanted to be.

You, Frost, and Green taking over Absolute Shitty Wrestling? Yes, completely able to. You, Frost, and Green taking over X-Wrestling? That is far from happening my friend. Very far from happening. You may give others in this place a good match, but to top players in here, you guys are simply pons waiting to be checkmated out of this game. I'm one of those top players. I'm one of those top people you cannot handle Brian. It is not your style, it does not fit your ability, and you sure as hell are not good enough to step in the ring with me one on one and actually tell me you took me to the edge and back. It won't happen, it has never happened, and all you will get out of it is the same thing Green got out of it Brian and that is the pure fact you could not stand up to me alone and you could not defeat me alone or even with someone else helping you. Why? Because you as well as him as well as many others are just not that damn good. Sure, you can come out and tell me the past and what had happened in that Tower of Death match and that I know what you have talent wise, yes I do know and that's why I warned you to not to fuck with me in the first place. You fucked with me, so you got hurt. It is time for you to come out and play games with me being stuck up your buddies asses? I don't think so. The games will soon end and you will be hurt even worse and wish you would have heeded my warning when I gave it to you. One reason being is I only heed my warning once, and all it takes is that once to pass up till you make that psychological and physical mistake of attempting what you think you can do and what you have put across your mind that you can do...when you simply will not do when the times come for you to.

To give you a sign of noticing something as I sit here and puff on my cigar, I beat Green without being pissed, annoyed but not pissed. I can beat you without being pissed and seeing is believing and that is exactly what you will be seeing. That is all you guys are. Little bee's buzzing around my head, irritating me, but no little bee can piss me off. It may sting me if I don't kill it quickly, other than that the bee still gets the worse in the end or fly's away. All you Thomas, Frost, and Green are is annoying bee's. I know what hit me, it was an even more ignorant person than Chris Green and Cameron Frost and the cheap shots he layed in on me was planned out. That's all they were Brian, little cheap shots that you think made you look so good out there. A mastermind plan? all are damn jokes. You want to talk about mastermind plans my friend, you look at how I have all three of you jumping down my throats about why I am so good and why I am on top of XW right now and why you guys are so far behind. Green was done from the beginning, like I said he was. You, as well Brian Thomas are done right from the get go. Making a move you won't be able to follow up in the end is going to hurt your position badly, the person you're messing with is only an add on and it happens to be the highest damn rated person here...Jay Stepbourn. (Leans back and laughs, puffing more on his cigar) HaHa...Too simple to abuse, too hard to not be good. That describes me Thomas, too high for your reach.

I remember more simple retarded words that came from your mouth Thomas. So shutup and listen. You come out here and run your little yapper telling people this is the biggest thing to hit this place. What a horrible act....well...please tell me you were just acting...if you weren't I feel like I am at a circus with a bunch of clowns that don't even know how to focus on their own little stunts. You shot down the ratings Brian Thomas. Nobody likes you. Everyone likes me. Everyone turns on their televisions to watch me. X-Wrestling is big with the ninety-eight percentage of help by ME! You, Frost, and Green? You all have brought me down a level and now I have to step into the ring with someone else that is not on my level. Do I have to prove I am better than you Thomas? No I do not. You have to prove you have came here for a good purpose and not just to get your ass handed to you like the ratings killer you are. The chances of you proving that you're not here just for that though is about the chances of George W. Bush having an affair with a supermodel, it could happen but I gurantee the chances of it happening are slim to none. Comparing you to George W. Bush? You god damn right I am comparing you to George W. Bush. Why? Because I feel like it. That's why.

Denise: You ready to get going yet? I'm wondering if we are close to Boise right now.

Jay Stepbourn: I'm betting we are. One of the camera crew guys said there should be a gas station up the road here. So we can stop up there. Hop in the back bro so I can drive.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The camera man gets out of the drivers seat and Jay gets out of the back seat. They switch places and Jay puts it in drive and signals to the crew until they notice that they are heading out. Jay puts it in drive and they start off on the road again. Jay turns up the cd player as Dats Gangsta by Shyne is heard playing. After about 15 minutes pass by, we finally reach a gas station. Jay pulls up and looks at his gas tank, which is almost on empty. He gets out of the car as the camera man follows his lead. Jay grabs the premium gas handle and unscrews his tanks cap, putting it in. He looks over at the camera.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: I can't tell you how many times people have came out and said what they plan to do is so "serious". Now Brian Thomas is just another guy, another wrestler, another low level idiot speaking his "words of wisdom" I guess you could say, thinking he is something special. You, as well as your butt buddies are nothing to me. I don't care how good you think you are, how many things you have accomplished in your past, I've beaten you like a dog before and yet you wouldn't admit it it's true and I am not afraid of showing you up again Brian. You can go through the past and talk about what has went on, point is I don't care about it as much as the next guy. More people talk on the past here more and more, who really cares? People say the past predicts the it doesn't..all it can do is make it more complicated. So you really want to take this serious Brian? I can take this serious. I took Green serious and I out smarted him and out wrestled him. What do you have for me? You talk with a big ego, as well as your friends, and I don't plan on letting you slide by like I did last time I came face to face with you. You're ego can get you into trouble big guy, what do I do? I have truth to my ego. You have no truth behind your ego. All you have behind it is the past and facts from the past which nobody cares about. It is just funny that you would now try and come at me with this over confident approach and actually try to make me believe you are worth a damn to me? Bullshit. You aren't worth a damn to me, I'm sure you are not worth a damn to Omega, and I am damn sure you guys are not worth a thing to Hawk Hendricks. Point being, you people are not a threat to us, no matter what the media says...the only threats you guys could ever provide us with is the threat of sending us old video tapes of more promo's cut by you guys. That would be a threat to sleeping and looking at the videos stoned making fun of them in every way possible.(Clears his throat) Ahem...did I mention to bring that threat on over to us??

(Stops pumping the gas and pulls it out and sets it back in its holder, looking at how much it is and grabs his wallet out and walks over to the window and gets Denise to roll it down. He asks her to go up and pay while he speaks on the incompetent idiot more. She gets out and takes the wallet and goes up to pay. He turns back to the camera.) You know something Brian, you can sure talk like a big hard ass when you have a couple of your closest buddies around you, the question is why? Do you feel the need to make an ass out of yourself by acting like a hardass? You don't phase me as even a good acting hardass. If you were going for a good act, you failed miserably. The hardass act doesn't scare me, the three of you do not scare me, and with you guys thinking you know what you are up against? That is far from the nature of it all. You Absolute Shitty Wrestling has beens don't know anything of what you are up against. Cameron Frost, has talent, not on my level. Green, I beat him, proved why he is not on my level and that he needs an ass buddy to help him out. Thomas, you are going to get yours Thursday night...and no I'm not talking in the way of what Green and Frost says to you everytime before you go to have a groupie with them. No, it's nothing like that I gurantee you. (Gets a "Yuck" looking face)

There is something else that you said in your promo that I have heard many times before.(Pauses for a moment) You know the day of people saying, "You will get an ass kicking from hell", got old had to be in the 1800's, yet Thomas still says it. It is interesting how guys like you Brian feed off of things so old, of course you said you are old school yourself. This, this is more like not even in the wrestling ages old. Another league you have stepped out of and into thinking you could get away with it. Ah Ah Ah...not a chance kid, not a chance. The day you get away with anything while I'm around is the day I grow wings and I don't think that will be happening anytime soon.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Denise comes back with a bag of chips and a couple Dr. Pepper 20 oz. Jay looks at her as she hands him one of the Dr. Peppers and looks at the chips. The chips are BBQ Masterpiece. He gets back in the car and they pull out of the spot they were in and up along the side still in the gas stations lot. Beside the camera crew van, the camera man decides to ask a thing or two.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Camera man: I have a question if it's alright. (Jay gives him a nod taking a sip of Dr. Pepper tossing his cigar but out.) Okay, what do you think about Brian Thomas saying you need to not underestimate him, yet he said he was going to make him look going through you a walk in the park, your comments on that?

Jay Stepbourn: comments on that...hmmmmm firstly I don't have to underestimate to know what I am up against. Someone that was trained along the likes of Green and Frost and can't be any better so I look at it this way. Brian Thomas has nothing I cannot see. He could talk about his finishing maneuver all day if he felt like it, I would still know it as it would be out in the open. He tells me not to underestimate him, yet he thinks he'll walk through me like a walk in the park? I heard him say it doesn't matter that I beat Green? What is this guy doing to himself? Digging a grave, having his name etched in the stone already? It does matter that I beat Green Thomas for one simple reason, he is either better or matches your criteria and he showed to everyone he couldn't get the job done and that he needed you to help him out, still couldn't get the job done. It was plainly seen, I got right up after you had me in that sleeper, I act good and you Thomas are a pitiful soul that falls for any trick I hand you. Cut the deck in half, and I'll make it whole again. Take the whole deck away, and I'll improvise and make a whole new deck. This "walk in the park" as you like to call it, will be not just a walk in the park...but a walk in the park with a giant bulldog attacking your whole entire body. Sinking the teeth deep into you until you shout in pain and seek that one thing you have not reached level.

Denise: So where are we headed to now? Which way I mean?

Jay Stepbourn: I'm not sure, but I have this feeling in my left nut that is a little irritating. (Puts his hand in his crotch and rubs the left side) My left nut is aching man....damn..I hate it when this shit happens...ahhhh....

Denise: Are you going to be alright babe? Take a rest before we go back out on the road?

Jay Stepbourn: Ah it aches and is annoying but I won't let it bother me. Maybe it is from this whole Cold Grass thing....that really would make my nuts ache. How do they handle it?

Denise: Ummmm...I dunnnooo..(Shrugs her shoulders confused)

Jay Stepbourn: Man that has to be torture....nuts aching all the time from the cold grass, shiiiiiit.....I can only handle this left nut aching only so much. Cold Grass is a whole different ache. How they handle it I probably will never know. It's just something they have gotten used to I guess. Their nuts aching and all...pretty shitty...

Denise: Ummmmm...yeah okay? I kind of thought Cold Grass meant...

Jay Stepbourn: Ah it doesn't matter, all that matters is my left nut aches....and some last words to you Brian Thomas for now, boy I was born ready so don't even hope on that, because I don't need your "hope". As for this match changing me, the only thing it will change if anything will be that hard ass attitude you have come out with and tried to portray yourself as something special. That's the only thing that will be changing, as far as I go...I won't change and you guys will make my left nut ache with that cold grass as usual....bastards...I'm finished with this..turn the cam off.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Jay puts it in drive and they pull out onto the road as the camera crew van follows behind. The scene fades to static.~*~J@y Tv~*~