Jerome...Omega..Your Nightmares Have Hit Reality Pt. 3

Feeling The Platinum Already...

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Haliluya...Haliluya...Halillllllllluuuuya! Jewrome Masada's narrator was left with nothing after I got through with him. My abuse of words may even be worse than Bill Clinton. It's something that comes natural I guess. Getting fellow narrators telling me to go to hell and to screw off and to eat sh-t and die. Same things that come around, go around. I do this for the pure purpose of adrenaline rushes to the keeping of blood flow of what I say. It keeps things standing and not falling below normal level. Without me, the most important narrator in the world, the excitement just isn't there. Omega has ran off and said a few things being very confident in what will become of him at the pay per view No Holding Back. I'm guessing over confident. Jerome makes a joke of himself as usual, this time on a nation wide aired channel. Some of the guys in dealing with the pay per view know what they are getting into. Jay Stepbourn knows exactly what he is stepping into. He came into X-Wrestling with all knowledge of what to do. Handling his business like a professional, he still is undefeated, he is still on the top of his game, and he still has people wanting to take their shots at him as he stands still the man to beat. Omega has tried to take a step towards reality and we'll find out if he has succeeded any. Jerome mine as well join the cast of a soap opera episode as the lonely ghetto boy needing to get layed. As Jerome walks into the match all he'll be thinking about is "the ghetto" and that's where his mistake will leave him at fault. Omega has his own level set so high for himself that it will be too high for his old legs to jump on. I will let this move to the scene once again for another J@y Tv.~*~J@y Tv~*~

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The scene opens this time in the better part of Chicago. It will be a historic event, but the reason for being here right now in the better part of Chicago is to take a thought process of all that has been said throughout the entire time leading up to this pay per view. Finally, Jay has chosen to get out of the bad ghetto neighborhood to pick up somewhere else and have a more interesting promo. The time is around 7:00 pm eastern time February 21, 2001, near a normal everyday comfortable setting restaurant. Moving to the inside of the restaurant, the scene shows many eating dinner and talking amongst themselves at the table they are sitting at. Most involved in conversations, some are families with children laughing at each other and telling jokes. We come to a table where Jay Stepbourn is sitting at with Denise. Across from them to a surprise is Hawk Hendricks and Rosie. Jay has on a black silk long sleeve shirt on with his regular black denim pants. He also has a gold watch and a gold link chain necklace on. Denise has on some expensive looking sexy attire. A thin black fur layer covers her above the waist. Below the waist is a black skirt and knee high black boots. Hawk, on the other side of the table, is in an armani suit. Rosie is seen in an evening gown. Jay and Hawk seem to be involved in a conversation with one another, as is Rosie and Denise. Jay takes a drink of champaigne from a champaigne glass as Hawk is still talking. The camera moves in closer on all of them. Moving in on an already started convo, so it is hard to understand what they are talking about.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Hawk Hendricks: Do you get what I am saying? It can all came out to one side, which is what makes it seem pointless in the beginning but in the end it's worth it.

Jay Stepbourn: Yeah I understand what you're saying Hawk. I think it has been that way for a long time. It takes awhile to realize it, but sooner or later you do realize it.

Hawk Hendricks: Well of course you realize it. That's the way it has to be. I mean wake up to reality people, life is not about games and warfare. Life is about living, and while you are living that life why not have fun while living it? It's the positive side, no doubt.

Jay Stepbourn: It'll make you think in more ways than one. At other times I just let mary jane do the talking...(Does the motion like he is smokin a joint as Hendricks laughs)

Hawk Hendricks: So what exactly do you plan on giving out to Omega and Jerome Sunday night?

Jay Stepbourn: Hmmmmmmmmm...lets see here...a whole lotta this (holds up his foot pointing to it) up there ass!

Hawk Hendricks: You're pretty damn funny Jay. (Laughs) I tried to be serious and you screwed it up again. Ah well it's your interview time anyways. Omega has spoke on you a little more. Jerome has spoke on you a little more. Their both awaiting your prescense again.

Jay Stepbourn: Don't make me sound like a god or anything, Omega has already made himself sound like that a lot lately. Like he is some unbeatable guy that walks around the wrestling world, unbeatable, yet has been beaten. Each day that comes along this guy they call Omega makes less and less sense to me. It seems like the first day I heard from him he made more since four times as much as he does now. Now he is over rating himself.

Hawk Hendricks: Some think they can do that from the experiences they have had throughout wrestling. In some cases they can do that, I'm not sure if this is a right case or not but I do know it is a case.(Laughs) Ask Rosie she'll tell you.

Rosie:(Turns her attention to Hawk) Ask me what? What are you boys talking about now?

Jay Stepbourn: That if someone goes through experiences throughout their career that they can come out and say "I feel I am unbeatable".

Rosie: Of course they can come out and say that, it doesn't mean it is true though. So many people come out and say things that don't come to their same thought up conclusion. Anything goes in wrestling, anything. Me and Denise were just talking about how stupid some people can be when it comes to taking care of their babies.

Denise: Yeah, and I was just watching this show the other day where it was true stories of what went on with a mother and her child and it just showed ignorance. Some things are common sense and other things are easily to pass over, this was definitely common sense. Okay so what happens when your husband you divorced comes over your you open your door to him and invite him in? Do you tell him to leave because he doesn't have the rights to see the baby yet? Well..he ended up getting invited in and walked right out with the baby her not being able to do anything about he's on the run.

Jay Stepbourn: Oh geeze Denise. Yeah that was pretty stupid, but I think you watch too much of those true story shows dear. It'll drive you crazy one of these days.

Denise: I can be crazy at times already and you like it, so quit complaining.

Hawk Hendricks: (Going back to the original subject) Told you she'd have the answer for you. You know Jay, you're just lucky my friend that I didn't put in about two more ounces of my work ethic to that tournament or I would be facing you right now and then you would have hell to look across at. Literally.(Smiles)

Jay Stepbourn: Ah you ain't got nothin on me Hawk.(Smirks) I didn't count you out of that tournament though even know you didn't show your face until the last minute. Instead I'm stuck with facing a ghetto boy and a guy that thinks of himself as the unbeatable at this point and time. Wait till I prove him wrong, then we will see who the unbeatable is. It is just a matter of time until the answer shows its face.

~*~J@y Tv~*~A waitress comes up and gets ready to take their order. Hawk orders lobster tails and crab legs, Rosie orders clams, as Jay orders quarter pound steak and baked potatoe, Denise orders bbq chicken dinner. Jay slides his big champaigne glass over and fills it up with more champaigne as the waitress takes the menu's and walks away.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: Shouldn't there be a law against ghetto boys getting in front of a camera and talking with such ignorance it makes a deer that has ran in front of a car smart? Omega basically said all of what I would have wanted to say on that guy over there Jeeeewwroome as I like to call him.

Hawk Hendricks: (Laughs) Yeah. Jerome doesn't seem to be too bright in his department of psychology, he does have talent none the less. The thinking game is not his top game at this point. Maybe he needs to work a little more on that before he tries to skip to the top level.

Jay Stepbourn: Yeah probably like he skipped from the third grade to eleventh and then quit school like the drop out he is. There's a thin line from a cracked out pot headed loser drop out to a smokin and tokin it up scholar. You Jewrome of course are the cracked out pot headed loser drop out and I am the smokin and tokin it up scholar and at the pay per view you'll find out just how good I am at outsmarting fools like you.

Denise: Jay don't talk about smokin and tokin it up around the dinner table in a classy restaurant like this. Especially with classy people like Hawk and Sweet Rose. You should know better...tsk tsk tsk.

Jay Stepbourn: Yeah yeah I know I'm a baaaaaaaad boy, gimme a spankin later?

Hawk Hendricks: Whoa..none of that now. That's gettin a little bit too fresh for me. Listen to your lady friend there buddy, we're in a classy place and you're with classy people for once so start speakin classy. (Takes a drink of champaigne)

Jay Stepbourn: Oh man I am so so sorry.(Laughs) I'm just not used to being classy, talking classy, or doing whatever else classy and for that reason I'm not going to be that way either. You know why? Because it's not me. And dammit I like being me!

Hawk Hendricks: Have to respect someone that loves themselves for who they are...lets drink to that. (Holds up his champaigne glass to Jay)

Jay Stepbourn: Thank you...I feel honored. And to a man that stays himself in every way, to you Hawk. (Clings his glass together with Hawks as they both take drinks and set the glasses down) At least Omega respects me for being myself right? I don't really care what he respects me for right now, no matter what after the pay per view he'll respect me after I put him in his place and make him realize he is not the unbeatable one right now. He is not the untouchable. He is not the person who makes even the biggest and baddest type of people turn and stare with intimidation. I'm not saying I am either, but I think everyone would agree Jewrome is not that person and so who is would have to be me. I don't come out and call myself unbeatable though Omega. I don't need to. I don't sit there and say to myself that I am unbeatable, I let it grow on both sides of the curtain so the confidence doesn't over flood my thinking matter like it obviously has done to you. Brain damage is what some may say Jewrome has, but in some ways brain damage is how Omega makes it look.

Hawk Hendricks: Hey, what's that song by marshal mathers or eminem whatever you want to call him. Brain was on his first LP...c'mon you know this Jay.

Jay Stepbourn: Brain Damage...ever since the day I was born...drugs were what they used to say I was on, everywhere i go they keep playin my song...brain damage. That was it right there and I think Jewrome would fit that song good, Omega would be a critic but at the same time it would affect him to. Their cheap antic words won't affect me Hawk, and Omega thinking he is the unbeatable at this point in time makes me want to get even more drastic on beating him to a pulp.

Hawk Hendricks: You know they will give you some sorts of challenges throughout the match right? This is far from being a lop sided victory and if you don't think it will be you might be underestimating your opponents a tad bit there Jay. Don't get me wrong you're good and all, but that damn good?

Jay Stepbourn: Oh believe me I am not underestimating at all. I know it will definitely not be lop sided but I know that in the end I will come out on top for the simple reason being...(looks over at Denise) What is it again hun? What exactly is the simple reason why I will come out on top in the end?

Denise: Because you are that damn good that is why. That could work in more ways than one.

Hawk Hendricks: Hold the phone there you maniacs, I think the food is here and ready for us to dig in. So don't destroy my appetite.

Jay Stepbourn: Ah Hawk, don't tell me you are gettin soft...are ya?

Hawk Hendricks: Far from it Jay ....far from it.(Smirks at him)

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The waitress comes back with a tray of 4 dishes. She gives Hawk his lobster and crab legs, Rosie her clams, Jay his steak with a baked potatoe, and Denise her bbq chicken with a baked potatoe. They start to dig in and ask each other how the food is as they get into little conversations every once in a while the scene fades away.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Scene goes to Las Vegas, Nevada Near Caesars Palace February 22, 2001

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The scene opens up in Las Vegas, Nevada right outside Caesars Palace where a limo is supposed to arrive at. Spectators are lined up and fans of XW are lined up along with security standing by. The time is around 9:12 pm on this Thursday night. We are awaiting the arrival of "Uncensored" Jay Stepbourn. The man that is on top of the XW right now and the man who plans on walking out the winner of the triple threat match at the pay per view. How will he you ask? With mind set on determination, his skill and potential in the ring, his intelligence of what he is doing when it comes to a match like this, the ways of what he knows compared to the others in this match. As they all study the manuevers of one another, as they all study the in ring movements of one another, it all comes together as one aspect being left out. One little thing that could put one of them on top of the other to win this whole thing. The whole f'n thing! The limo has arrived and the pathway is cleared. One of the back doors gets opened up by the driver as Jay Stepbourn steps out with a Swade jacket on and snake skin boots on with his known black denim pants. He has on navy blue oakley shades, the fans give him a loud pop as he gets a smile. Following behind him is Denise with a hot red spaghetti strap top and red leather skirt on with a matching pair of knee high leather boots. She latches her arm under his as he stops to sign a few autographs for now, then more later. After the few autographs they move on to the casino. Inside as the security watches around them they come up on watching a few people roll the dice and the heated intensity playin roll the di in Vegas always brings. Listen in and watch...this should get interesting.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: Nothing like rolling the di in Vegas...I love Vegas Denise maybe we should move here one of these days. Intensity everyday like this is something made for Jay Stepbourn. Maybe even something that Jay Stepbourn has built.

Denise: Don't get so carried away babe, you have about four houses why not just sell one and get one here? It'd be a lot simpler than just simply moving here. And I know intensity is your game, but when it comes to the bedroom...intensity is my game, you remember that. Out here in front of this here camera you're in control, in the bedroom...I'm in control.

Jay Stepbourn: Well, I thought it'd be easier to say, just move here instead of saying all that stuff behind it. And yeah yeah yeah, say you're in control in the bedroom..mmm hmm whatever you say hun, just wait till tonight and I will show you who the all supreme ruler of the bedroom is..(Smacks Denise on her ass as she gives out a little gasp) Yeah you will know who the master is will know.

Denise: That was a cheap shot right there...we'll see though..we will see.

Jay Stepbourn: Hey look at these people betting all their dimes and last pennies worth on rolling the di. Where some of the biggest shooters in the game play and spend their hard cash on. The high rollers even if you call them that.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The scene turns to the dice table as the numbers are shown across the table and people are gathered around. The man with the stick pulls the dice in and gives them to the next person to roll. It is an older man that has a stack of chips put up on the bet. He has on a gold bracelet and a regular t-shirt. Looking to be a regular everyday worker that is out for some fun in Vegas. He rolls the dice and gets a six and a two which he needed two sixes.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Older man: Damn...I thought I had it there for a minute. You wanna take a shot at this young buck?

Jay Stepbourn: Who..(Looks around) You talking to me man?

Older man: Yeaaa..what's your name bud?

Jay Stepbourn: My name's Jay Stepbourn. Wrestler extrordinaire.(Smirks)

Older man: You look like a high roller already, get over here and take your place. You and that pretty lady at your side. Must be someone famous to have such a pure of a woman like that.

Jay Stepbourn: Yeah but unlike all the other famous people, I got her before I became famous.(Takes the dice in his hand)

Older man: Well here's the rush of high rollin' here Jay...roll them dice.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ The loudness in the casino is deafening, everyone talking over themselves. It seems as though right when Jay tosses the dice you can hear the time when both of the dice hit the table. The short little thud and stumble they take. Jay hits a 3 on one and a 5 on the other. He rolls again and hits double fours. It put him ahead but still running on a rush he rolls again and gets a snake eyes and that got a sudden "oooo" from all the people around the table. A man with a white suit on and two ladies on his arms walks up and says he is next. Jay hands him the dice and steps off. The man rolls about three times hitting each roll the way he wanted to hit it. Like he knew every curve of the dice and every curve in his hand to make the dice flip a certain way and to land a certain way. Jay was learning something new everyday, this man was obviously rich but more than that a veteran in this gambling nature. The man hits about four more rolls on the exact pin pointed curve he called and walks away with the chips he had won.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: (Says to Denise) Did you see that? He hits every roll like it is nothing and he does it easily and walks away like the money is nothing to him, but he takes it and you know he has fun with it.

Denise: I'm sure he has fun with it. You know we have fun with the money we make, but he made the game look too easy after you and that older man lost pretty bad. He basicly showed that it can be easy if you study it long enough and become good at it. I never knew you could get good at this though, I thought it was just luck.

Jay Stepbourn: It just goes to show you when you know you have the talent and you get ahead on something like that, you have to sit and say to yourself "Would it be better for me to walk away while I'm still ahead of my game? Or would it be better for me to stay and get more ahead of my game if I have confidence in what I can do." Some people say the luck of gambling runs out in people, but in wrestling there is only luck if you tell yourself there is luck. In gambling, I would have to say it'd be better to walk away while their ahead. I mean that is the known way that people say they should do it. Someone like him though, it seemed like he got rich by doing the gambling. He did walk away though. You just know when to walk away day to day, but come back another time and do it all over again. In wrestling I'm gambling it all at the pay per view. Omega is putting it to his farthest extent. Jerome is putting all he has into it. I am running on gamblers luck people say. Some say even if I do walk away winning at the pay per view that I won't be around afterwards because I'll be burnt out. Well you all are wrong my friends, for everyone that thinks that. No counting me out. I have gambled with my skills and everything that comes with my skills and I have dealt it down and won it every damn time. The pay per view will be no different, just with two different wrestlers that think they have what it takes to walk over Jay Stepbourn to get to that Platinum title. It ain't happening fellas not by a long shot. Maybe somewhere down the line somewhere you'll be a platinum champion if you stick around for enough years but as long as I'm around the Platinum title will be coming with me at No Holding Back and it will be staying with me for as long as I stay in this place.

Denise: I really think you are on top of your game Jay and I don't think you are holding anything back for this. This is your time now and I don't think they will stop you from taking your level to its highest by winning that title. They'll have to face the lower side of the ladder after they lose to the better man.

Jay Stepbourn: Everyone has to admit who the better man is when the night is over and I have that confidence level that the better man level is on my level. To think about the night in its entirety it is fit perfect for me. The main event was built around me as I awaited for my opponent week after week and then I finally found out who it was. Somehow I got two out of one and that doesn't matter because two more the merrier right? I admit Jerome added a little more laughs to the bunch but all in all the serious affect brings in more madness to the main event match. It also makes more conspiracy because you know in the end there will be someone in the end saying that.."You didn't pin me so technically you didn't beat me"..even if that certain someone gets his ass handed to him through the whole match. Chances are you wouldn't of lasted with that one person anyways so shut the hell up about it! That is when the moronic period of peoples personalities come in place. It's common sense guys, common sense.

Denise: We need to hit the blackjack table Jay....

Jay Stepbourn: Blackjack...ah yes...that's my game.

Denise: Your game? Obviously you don't remember all those nights of playing cards with me and me beating you ten times out of eleven.

Jay Stepbourn: Hey...noone has that on tape so you can't prove nothin!

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Jay and Denise move onto one of the blackjack tables where a couple people are gathered around. A black old woman is standing there beating the whole bunch sittin on her stool with her cain by her side. It doesn't even look like she has her eyes open wide enough to see the cards, more less be beating everyone. Jay and Denise get in the next game.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: Alright...I'm staying with what I got.

Denise: You can hit me...(Gets card from dealer) Now I'll stay.

other man: I'll take a hit. (Gets card from dealer) And another. (Gets another card)

Black Old lady: Hit me one time...(Gets card from dealer)..Hit me another...(Gets other card)...

Jay Stepbourn: (Shows hand along with everyone else and ends up beating them and the dealer) Ha!! I'm just too damn good!

Denise: Yeah and that was like...major luck! Luck of the draw Jay luck of the draw!

Black Old lady: Yeah don't get so over yourself sonny don't got the touch little man...I got the touch. So you and your girlfriend can take your first winnings to the bedroom and let a real gambler take control.

Jay Stepbourn: (Gets a surprised look on his face) Look here grandma...

Denise: Jaaaay...doooon't...

Jay Stepbourn: Where do you get off trying to ruin peoples fun huh grandma? It doesn't even look like you can see the cards, you probably have someone cheatin for ya...

Denise: Okay..we're not stickin around this table for now...(Grabs Jay by his arm pullin him away taking him in the other direction) Jay, this is not a time to flip out on little old ladies.

Jay Stepbourn: Did you hear her though??? She's lucky it's black history month or I would've told her how it was in my first three words...

Denise: Jay that's horrible! Funny...but horrible at the same time! (Pauses but a loveable face starts to appear again)

Jay Stepbourn: See you can't stay away from what feels so! HaHa...

Denise: You just need to get over yourself and quit pickin on old ladies...

Jay Stepbourn: It'll give us a chance to go on the slots, meanwhile I can try to talk over all the noise to my lovely idiotic opponents by the name of Omega man and Jewrome.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Jay and Denise start to go on to the slots as they find a couple and sit down Denise gets up to go get quarters from the machine as Jay hands her a couple 10$ bills. Jay sits on his stool pausing then speaking.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: You know something, I have noticed over the short time Omega has regained himself to get that over confident feeling to sit and tell me "I know I will win Jay". To tell you the truth Omega if you "know" you will win are you a future tellin psychic or somethin? Do you have a degree in that stuff? Or do you think you know me and Jewrome so well that you will just walk in there put up a fight and hands down win the fight? F-ck that Omega, you won't be walking out of anywhere if I have anything to do with it now. See I was going to let you walk out un-hurt and let you walk out with some dignity but now all I will let you walk out with is the pure pain and after shocks from when I tear you down limb from limb through each torturing minute of the match. Each one of us will tear at each others throats and claw till the end of the match to see who the winner will be. Who really knows who will come out to be the winner? We could know but in this case it is a triple threat, to sit and say you will win most definitely is kind of shooting on the side of over confidence. It's good to be confident but none of us are no future tellin psychics. Not even you almighty Omega. If I play my cards right...okay umm I'll get off the subject of cards. I won't sit here and be mister future teller for anyone, but what I will sit here and be is the man that can put it to the extreme here in XW. I am the person that plans on taking it to another level. Whether Jewrome or Omega plan to help out is deciding on their role in the match. Omega is so sure of himself that he will win this thing, I am not so sure of that. Over confidence, not a good thing equals defeat. Me, sure of myself but not trying to be a psychic but still knowing I am still that damn good...equals success. Jewrome, idiocy, stupidity, someone to make fun of, equals interest and some talent but not enough to cause any harm. So in the end if you put those three together it goes like this. Omega being over confident and getting over on the idiocy and stupidity and some talent of Jewrome so he gets more over confidence when moving to Jay. Omega hits one tiny little mistake because he is not perfect and it causes the fatal blow and Jay capitalizes and becomes the victor to show why he is that damn good. Predict that one......bitch!

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Denise gets back with a couple cups full of coins and hands one to Jay as he starts to play. In the middle of him pulling the handle he speaks.~*~J@y Tv~*~

Jay Stepbourn: Either way it comes down to it Omega and Jewrome, the level has just been tested upon and you two are the coordinators. What to do in your positions? Is it that important to go that far with? Is it that important to stand to me like a man and get beat like a man? Or is it more important to go out saying "I will win I am the unbeatable" and then get beat by someone that damn good. Or is it more important to think the ghetto life is so good and so true that it provides all the skill you need until someone comes along and that person gets beat by someone that damn good. One way equalling another, I have you both beat in the verbal abuse and the physical game is a whole nother level I am ready to step to and teach you boys just what level I am preaching about. Check mate boys......Check mate.

~*~J@y Tv~*~ Jay winks at the camera as he goes back to turning the slots he turns his head tilted to the side looking at Denise up and down and then turning his attention back to the slot. The scene soon fades to static after a few moments pass.~*~J@y Tv~*~

All rights are reserved. This is an official Jay Stepbourn roleplay and may not be used by anyone other than Jay Stepbourn or X-Wrestling Inc. without certain permission by Jay Stepbourn himself. ęCopyrighted to Uncensored Inc.