I just Dont Give a F#CK!

NWL....back JACK
UWWF......a good place to be, the world champ needs competition
Homie LC Terror

4 Past Feds He was In


Real Name: Jimmy Mills

Height: 6'3

Weight: 255

Gimmick: Masked Warrior, always causes havoc

NEW, and listen!Theme Music: "Pushin Weight by Ice Cube"

Finishing Maneuver:Was finisher:UNCUT Mystified Hammer (Takes opponent to top rope, reverse hurricarana type maneuver to the mat)Present finisher:Mystified Hammer(Reverse Razor's Edge)

HISTORY: He Started off playing a role in the NAWF by being an unknown Man no one person knew who he was even after attack and after attack …..they didn't like him but for that single reason he made an impact there. He met the Rap Master when he was recruiting for the NAWF and after the NAWF closed down Mystery Man joined the league where he found the top star at, Rap Master and Joined with him and the KLIQ in the NWL. After a bit in there Mystery Man and other KLIQ member Bryan Tann took the NWL Tag Team Titles and when they won the titles noone knew but that was the day history was changed in wrestling. The Loose Cannon Bryan Tann was young and Mystery Man had a few years above him but they were the greatest Tag Team in many peoples minds in the NWL. Then the days changed after a good run as Tag Champs Alex Nelson and Matt Hanson took the titles as Bryan Tann gave up from a camel clutch Nelson locked on and Mystery Man could not get there in time and the young rookie Bryan Tann had to submit ….either that or suffer a broken neck. Mystery Man took it harsh and yelled at Tann back in the locker room after the match. Tann went to thinking he screwed it up, but which really happened to blow Tann up after Mystery Man turned on Tann and joined the Brotherhood with the Rock Craig Deids, Johnny Sledge, Dark Prince Of Death. They had a big feud for a while which changed wrestling itself, but they got over it. Mystery Man didn't join the Brotherhood off the bat, he was by himself but had a plan to be with the Brotherhood. The career came up to they forgived and forgot….As the NWL closed and then reopened Real Deal Mystery Man won the World Title in a giant Rumble. As time went on…a big sell out event was gonna go down Mystery Man vs. Alex Nelson World Title on the line but the league closed once again….then reopened. Now the NWL is fully closed to the hult. In his career he was also in the NWF and dominated there as he will go down in the hall of fame by the end of his career or before it.


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