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Ways to Improve Your Impression


1. Wear your Canteen, Haversack, and other accoutrements high. Generally on or above the hip. Veterans learned that this helped when on a long March.

2. DO NOT CREASE YOUR KEPI OR FORAGE CAP BILLS!!!! This is a modern practice and should be avoided at all hazards. Soldiers at the time wore the bills on their Caps Curled or Flipped up.

3. DONT WEAR A HILLBILLY STYLE HAT!!!! Once again it was the period fashion to wear the brims curled up, or flipped up, not floppy.

4. Unblouse your socks, look at period images and you dont see it. The reason most want to do it is to keep dirt and bugs from getting on your legs, but, remember at the time you would have worn drawers, so you would bluse them, not your pants, that would serve the same purpose.


6. Try to wear a Checked or natural shirts rather than the stark white ones sold by so many sutlers, also Note that shirts with pockets were very popular at the time.

7. Lose the Hat Brass, very few Federal Soldiers wore Bugles, etc on their hats, and you wouldnt have seen any CS soldiers with it. Most hats would be

unadorned, although occasionally you would see a number, letter, or hat cord. 8. Only carry Food in your Haversack. Put personal items in your knapsack or in your pockets.

9. Dont stand out in appearance. Veteran soldiers tried to blend end. If you stood out, you got shot. Army of Tennessee Veterans seemed to even shun NCO rank insignia. SO no feathers in the hat, Harp pins, etc.

10. Wear your bed roll twisted, like a bread stick. This is far more comfortable and practical than just rolling it up.

****Taken from the homepage of "Southern Independence Rifles 2". Many thanks.

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