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Things I have for Sale

Being a Civil War buff, I'm bound to always get loads of stuff relating to the Civil War for Christmas, birthday, etc. A lot of times I get two of the same book, or video, etc. etc. A lot I have already sold to Civil War pards close to me, but I still have a few things left that I either already have, or don't need. This might be all for awhile, but more might be added in a few months.

Also being a relic collector, I'm always interested in other collectors collections. If you have any relics for sale, I might be interested in buying them. If your not interested in selling, I'd still like to hear about what you have, and how you came to posess them.

1. I have 1 book, entitled "The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts", by Burke Davis. The book is in excellent condition (no pages torn of missing), and is 249 pages long. Its hardback, and has a very attractive dust cover. I'm asking $10.00, plus $2.25 s/h.

2. I have another book for sale. Its title is: "Gettysburg, the Confederate High Tide" and is published by Time Life Books. Anyone who has read any of Time Life's Civil War books, knows that ALL of them are excellent reading, and very photographic. This book is hardback, and has a BEAUTIFUL dust jacket. Its 176 pages long, and is crammed full of hundreds of Gettysburg photos. Its a steal for $20.00 + $2.75 s/h.

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