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Southern Soldier Boy

Southern Soldier Boy

Bob Roebuck is my sweetheart's name He's off to the wars and gone, He's fighting for his Nanny dear His sword is buckled on,

He fighting for his own true love; His foes he does defy; He is the darlin' of my heart My southern soldier boy.

Oh, if in battle he were slain I know that I would die, But I am sure he'll come again To cheer my weeping eye.

But should he fall in this, our glorious cause, He still would be my joy, For many a sweetheart mourns the loss Of her southern soldier boy.

I hope for the best and so do all Whose hopes are in the field, I know that we shall win the day For Southrons never yield.

And when we think of those who are away, We look above for joy, And I'm mighty glad my Bobby is A southern soldier boy.

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