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Dumb Questions Asked By Spectators


20. "What did they use to cut and brush their hair with back then?"

19. "Do you really have legs under that hoop?"

18. "How do you fit through doors?"

17. "They had POTS to cook in!?"

16. "How did they get food out of the pots without utencils?"

15. "When it rains, do you get wet?"

14. "How did they wash stuff without soap?"

13. "How did they keep the wood dry?"

12. "Do you really sleep out here?"

11. "Are those authentic port-o-pots?"

10. "Were they really called port-o-pots back then?"

9. "Do you ever get hot?"

8. "Is that a real gun?"

7. "They had bacon!?"

6. "Is that a real fire?"

5. "Do you really cook on that fire?"

4. "Is this an authentic fire?"

3. "How do you know who dies and who wins?"

2. "Did you really get shot!?"

1. "Were you really in the war?"

I am sure i missed some, I am going for a top 25 or 30 list so if you have any to add just send them on to me and i will add them. The more the better!

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