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Salisbury Prison

Salisbury Prison was the only Civil War Prison located in North Calolina. It was established on November 2, 1861.

The prisoners seemed to take some things off their mind at Salisbury, by playing America's favorite pastime, Baseball. It has been noted that the msot important baseball game that took place there, was betwwen the New Orleans and Tuscaloosa, which resulted in the winning of the latter.

The most famous escape attempt that was made at Salisbury, was on November 25, 1864. Angry prisoners rushed the gate, which resulted in the gate cannon firing 3 times. 65 men were killed and an unknown number wounded. the OR states that 250 men died of wounds recieved in the escape attempt.

Today, only one original structure stands, yet you can still take a driving tour of the Prison grounds, and also visit the national cemetary. 18 trenches, believed to hold 11,700+. There are also 412 individual graves, of which 283 are known but to the grace of god......

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