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Civil War Relics

Civil War Relics are some of the most sought after links to the past of Military history collectors. I have been a Civil War Relic collector, avidly, for about 3-4 years. I have been able to aquire many nice peices, and have had the pleasure of working in an Antique Paper Americana Store for 2 summers. Civil War Relic collecting is an excellent hobby to be in, and it definitly has its benifits. Some peices alone can put someone through college (maybe not ALL of college, seeing as it costs an arm and a leg these days). I don't know, and don't care the value of my peices. I don't have them for their value. I collect for what they mean to me. Below is a portain of my collection.

1 Confederate Cannonball from Savannah, GA. I was given this by the man I worked for in the Americana shop. He bought 2 or 3 of them from the person who found them in Savannah. They were found while digging to put in a pool. They were all in a large barrel (that was pretty much rotted away). Its my impression that they were hid before the Confederates evacuated Savannah in the face of Gen. Sherman's troops.

1 portion of a canteen found on Gettysburg battlefield.

1 half of a Confederate spur found on Gettysburg Battlefield.

1 peice of Grapeshot found on Fredricksburg Battlefield.

1 complete General Service Civil War Eagle Button. No back markings.

2 square-head nails found on Wilson Creek Battlefield (Ruins of Gibson House and Mill Site).

1 Union 3-ring minnie. Found on Antietam Battlefield.

1 Confederate 2-ring Gardner Bullet. Found on Gettysburg Battlefield.

1 Confederate 2-ring bullet. This one came from Fredricksburg, and was most likely a "hospital bullet". These were given to patients during times of extreme pain. The patient would bite down on the bullet. I can tell this is a hospital bullet because of the distinct teeth markings on it.

1 1860's book cover with a Gold Embossed Eagle in the middle. The cover is black crossed cannons surrounding the outer edge.

1 1865 Steel Engraved portrait of Philip H. Sheridan with a lengthy history. It is in rather good condition except for 2 small water-stains. The signature under the engraving is "A.H. Ritchie".

1 1865 Newspaper clipping of 10 Union CW Generals. Their portraits are drapped with Union flags. The Generals are: McPherson, Wadsworth, Kearny, Sedgwick, Sumner, Lyon, Reynolds, Birney, Reno, and O.M. Mitchell. I only bought it because it has the picture of N. Lyon. I'm interested in reading about him, the first Missouri Campaign, and the Battle of Wilsons Creek, MO, where he was killed.

1 CW round 12lb cannon ball, straight from the depths of Charelston Harbor, SC. There is no way of telling which battle this came from, seeing as all that went on in the harbor during the war. This could be from the shelling of Ft. Sumpter, or from attacks on federal boats trying to enter the harbor. There's really no way to tell.

2 CDV's of men wearing GAR medals and ribbons. I found them while looking for something the other day. I accidently knocked a box over, and, low and behold, it wias filled with CDV's of different people, and a CDV album. There are no names marked on the CDV's, but it was taken in a studio in Topeka, Kan., on June 19th, 1911. I'm not sure if I'm related to these men or not.

1 CW Diary- This really isn't a relic, but I guess you could consider it one. A few months ago, a man who works with one of my family members, gave this to me. It was written by William R. Ramsey, of the 150th PA Bucktails, Company F. It contains many many amazing war expirences (battles of Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, etc. and also his stay in Libby Prison), and many poems he had written during the war, including many post-war reunion storys. This is one of my more prized posessions, and I think that I might, someday, post the poems on my webpage. There are a few more copies of it floating around out there somewhere.

A small lot of GAR buttons. I bought these at a small Civil War Auction. They were owned by John A. Dickey, of the 140th PA Volunteers. Most of them have GAR in large italic cursive writing. But, there are also a few Eagle ones (Extra Quality Backmark), and also a few cuff links with a GAR Emblem, along with a lapel stud. Small, but nice. Need some cleaning done.

1 Muster Sheet of the 14th Ohio Regiment, Co. G.- I picked this up at the Mansfield Civil War Show last weekend. Its in excellent shape. It dates from October 31, 1862 through December 31, 1862. Its very extensive, and lists all the officers, and also about 60 privates all togethor. I'm considering adding it to my page, but I don't see the need, considering the ENTIRE muster roll of the 14th is already on the net.

1 1870 GAR MassachusettsConvention Proceedings booklet- I picked this up with a lot of other GAR stuff at the Mansfield Civil War Show. Its a VERY early GAR document booklet, and has a lot of great contents. More will be added about this soon.

2 General Staff Buttons- Recently, I aquired 2 General Staff buttons. They have the usual Eagle face, with the gilt, and have EXTRA QUALITY backmarks. 1 is coatsize, and the other is cuff. Staff officers were the "eyes and ears of their commanders". They relayed orders, they were advisers, correspondents, confidants, and at times, even replaced their field commanders in battle.

1 Type II Confederate Williams Cleaner bullet- I bought this, and the button listed below, at a reenactment that I went to last weekend (June 4-6). Williams cleaners bullets were supposed to be fired after every 10 shots, and the "attachment" at the bottom of the bullet would clean out your gun somewhat. Soldiers often found that they didn't need them, and many quickly discarded them. This one was fired. I'm not sure where this was excavated from, but what the heck, it was cheap.

1 Eagle Cuff Button- I picked this up the same day as the cleaner bullet that I listed above. A nice button over all, with about 60% of the gilt still remaining. The back and shank are intact, and you can barely make out the "Extra Quality" backmark. It can use a little cleaning, and hopefully that will bring out the gilt a little more. Anyone who's interested in starting a relic collection, buttons are always a nice addition.

1 Civil War Muster sheet, of the 87th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Co. I. This muster roll is great. Its much more in "detail" and more complete than the 14th OVI one mentioned above. The muster roll is filled out for January 1 thru February 31, 1863. The muster roll lists 62 privates and officers. Of the 60 privates, 2 are listed as dead, 2 are listed as transferred command, 2 are listed as on sick furlough, 2 are listed serving as nurses, and 1 as AWOL. 28 are listed as sick in the General and Regimental hospital. The regiments two lieutenants also had servants. Their names were J.L. Mixon and J.J. Ross. This muster roll goes more in depth than I have mentioned here, and I think it will make a nice addition to my page. Sometime in the near future, look for it.

1 US Cavalry Sword- This was given to me this summer, by Mr. Herb Pape. He owns the Antique Paper/Civil War store mentioned above. It measures 42 inches, and is the sword that would have been issued to the regular cavalryman. It has a nice basket, and the handle has the original wood and golr wire. A very nice sword, without its scabbard.

1 Engraving- I bought this and the item that I list after that, off Mr. Pape also. Its a large engraving of Union Troops of the 10th Indiana training at Bellaire, Ohio in August 1861. You can see their camp, and other camps, with boats goings down the Ohio river in the distance.

1 Confederate Veterans Lapel Handkerchief- This is a lapel handkerchief for a Confederate Veteran. Its embroidered with the words "Drums of Dixie 1938 Chickamauga". Very nice, and looks like it hasen't been unfolded. If anyone knows of any reunions that went on at the Chickamauga battlefield in 1938, give me a hollar.

1 Discharge Pay Roll Form, filled out for a Mr. Wilard T. Green, who was discharged from Co. F. 18th Illinois Volunteers, on the 2nd of April, after recieveing a wound at the battle of Fort Donelson, Tenn.. He was left with 49 dollars and 61 cents, after substance and other thing were taken away from the pay. The Pay Roll is filled out by Maj. Sherman, a US Paymaster. It has his signature twice, and army filing marks. It also has Mr. Green's signature twice. Nice, neat relic, although not in the greatest of shape.

1 Muster Roll for Co. B of the 36th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. This one is in rough condition, parts missing and falling apart, but for the price that I paid for it, I can't complain. The information on it is great. I may add this to my webpage over the summer.

1 Discharge for re-enlistment as veteran paper for a Mr. Finidonus M. Gasman, of the 15th Wis. Inf. I got this for free along with the 36th Illinois muster roll. Fair shape....can't beat something thats free.

1 pay roll for an unknown unit. This appears to have been torn off a muster roll. It lists a couple men, and their pay. very poor condition, but, i got it for free along with the muster roll and discharge paper, so no more complaining. :)

1 Civil War colored Print from Harpers of troops at Bellaire, Ohio, getting on steamboats to be conveyed to the Great Kanawha River Valley. These are the troops that would later fight in the battles of Philippi (1st land battle of the Civil War), Rich Mountain, and Corricks Ford, WV. Nice print, nicely framed.

1 Civil War print "Re-forming the Line". Nice print of troops being re-formed in battleline, with dead and wounded in front of them. This is from the period of around 1870.

1 Disbound issue of Harpers Monthly, for the month of July, 1863. Its over 120 pages, with engravings, and a section on the monthly happenings of the war, with 2 maps of operations in the west. Nice reading.

More Relics will be added soon.