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Reference Books


A Pictorial History of the Civil War Years, by Paul M. Angle.

Decisive Battles of the Civil War, by Lr. Col. Joseph B. Mitchell.

Abraham Lincoln, TheGettysburg Address and Other Speeches.

Civil War Trivia and Fact Book, by Webb Garrison.

Blue Eyed Child of Fortune, the Civil War Letters of Col. Robert Gould Shaw, by Russell Duncan.

Don't Know Much About the Civil War, by Kenneth C. Davis.

The Civil War, by Bruce Catton.

Entire set of Time Life Series CW Books, by Time Life.

Who Was Who In The Civil War, by John S. Brown.

Civil War Times, Volume III Hardback, Early 1961 through Late 1962

Civil War Storyteller, by Carl Lowe.

The Civil War Encyclopedia, by David E. Roth.

The Blue and the Gray, by Thomas B. Allen.

Battlefields of the Civil War, by James Murfin.

The Civil War In Art, by Doranne Jacobson.

Brother Against Brother, by James McPherson.

Civil War Battles, by Curt Johnson.

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