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Short History of Company E.

Company E was recruited in BelmontCountry in April, 1861. Men from surrounding counties bravely anwsered the call for 75,000 troops as asked for by President Abraham Lincoln. When a company of about 100 men was recruited, they were transferred to Van Wert, Ohio, were they were sworn into the newly organized regiment known as the 15th Ohio.

It was only a month or so when the regiment was filled and transferred to Camp Goddard, near Zanesville, Ohio. In only severl weeks, they had orders and advanced to Bellarie, where they crossed the river and went down to western Virginia to meet the threat of southern aggression growing in the area. Several of the companies saw action at the famous Battle of Phillipi, the first land battle of the Civil War. Others of the regiment drew railroad protection duty near what is now, Grafton, WV. The saw service in the mountains of Western Virginia for about three months until their ninety day enlistment expired. They returned to Ohio where they were discharged. Most of the regiment reenlisted for three years and movied to Mansfield, Ohioand retained the name of the 15th Ohio.

In the following three years, they were a part of the Army of Ohio and the Army of the Cumberland. The 15thserved well and fought in many of the greatest battles of the western theater of action. When their 3 years were up, they reenlisted as veterans and served a fourth year. When the war was over, they were sent to Texas and did not return to Columbus until December, 1865.

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