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Civil War Book Reviews

May Book Review: "Guide to Haunted Places of the Civil War"

Author: Blue and Gray Magazine

Publisher: Blue Gray Publishing

I picked this book up last weekend, eyes glazed over, in my frenzy to read another good Civil War Ghost book (I'm a CW ghost fiend). But, to my dismay, I was very disappointed.

This book contains stories which can be found in about every other Civil War ghost book, through and through. Some of the stories I wouldn't even rate as ghost stories, but as mere coincidence. The Blue and the Gray did a poor job on this book, and its left a bitter taste in my mouth. Now, I'll think twice before buying another one of their books

Overall rating: *

By the way, last weekend I attended the Mansfield Civil War Show, and picked up a good years worth of Civil War reading. Expect some great book reviews in the future!

Rating system will go as follows:

*=not worth reading

**=better, but still not good

***=okay book. recomended

****=great book. recomended!

*****=Excellent book. Highly recomended!!

Note: If anyone would like to submit a book review for my page, just drop me a line at There is only one rule. All book reviews submitted MUST be dealing with the Civil War. So, be creative, have fun, and let the world wide web read your book review.

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