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Types of Ammunition

Shot: A solid round ball made of iron that was used for making holes in walls and for long range fire at closely packed formations. It is sometimes also referred to as a "bolt".

Spherical Case (sharpnel): A thinly walled hollow ball made of iron that is filled with small musket ball and a tiny elxplosive charge. When it goes off, it does so with a small bang and also sprays off about 80 musket balls at its target. This was first developed by a British General, by the name of Henry Shrapnel.

Shell: A thickly walled hollow iron-made ball fliied with a great explosive charge made by a fuse. Usually breaking into 5-12 peices it is accompanied by a loud bang, A shell was generally used to demoralize the enemy troops and scare horses and mules.

Canister: A canister is a tin can that is filled with 27 iron balls that was tighly packed with sawdust. At the muzzel, the can rips open, and sprays out the iron balls. It was generally used at 300-350 yards or less, and was devistating to enemy troops.

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