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Accoutrements and Implements of Artillery

Friction Primer- Was used to ignite propelling charge. It was very reliable, espically in the rain and wind.

Priming Wire- Used to make a hole in the powder bag, which exposed the propelling charge to the primer flame.

Gunner's Haversack- Was used to hold small implements in the limber chest, when on the march. During battle, it is used to remove ammunition from the limber bochest to the gun.

Tube Pouch- Used to carry friction primers and also lanyard.

Pendulum Hause- Was used by gunner to aim the peice. Marked in degreesof elevation.

Lanyard- A string used to fire the peice from the outside of the wheel.

Thumbstall- Was used to clean and seal the vent, which prevented sparks from the previous discharge to be sucked into the bore, while cleaning and loading a new round. It is also used to keep your thumb from being burned.

Sponge-Rammer- The "sponge" end is made of wool. It is dampened to eliminate any sparks left over from the previous discharge. The rammer end is used to push the round of ammunition to the breach of the gun.

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