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1999 Updates

January 2- I updated "This month", the "hot spot link", and the book review. Civil War News coming soon, or as soon as I get it.

Monday, January 4- I added a new section to my site. Its called "Civil War Msc.". Its a page for things that don't fit into any particular catagory of my page. There's only one thing in it now (Civil War Relic's), but I plan on getting a lot of stuff on there soon.

Tuesday, January 5- I added one more (my favorite) relic to my relic page, and also created another new section to my page....Civil War Prisons. Note that it has just been created today, and none of the links work on it yet. Once i get finished with the prisons that are listed there, more will be added (Cahaba, Ft. Deleware, Salisbury, etc. etc.).

Wednesday, January 6- Now, one of the links works on the CW Prisons Page (Elmira). Check it out! Also, I updated the 15th OVI page. I added a new section to it (15th OVI News) with all of the news from our newsletter. More 15th updates coming soon!

Thursday, January 7- Now, the "Andersonville" link on the prison page works. That leaves about 2 links that don't work, but that will be corrected soon. More links and pictures will be added to the prison pages as soon as possible. Also, I added ANOTHER new section to my page. This time its "Things I have for Sale" There are only two things there, but you really should check them out.

Saturday, January 9- Today, I got the rest of the Prison Links working. As soon as I can I will start on a second batch of prisons, which will include Cahaba, Fort Delaware and Salisbury.

Sunday, January 10- I added a new section to my Civil War Msc. Page, entitled "The Fight for Buffington Island Battlefield". Please, visit this portion of my site, or yet another Civil War Battlefield will be lost to the ages. I also made this section of my page, much easier to navigate.

Monday, January 11-Today, I changed a few backgrounds, and created a new portion to my site....Civil War Artillery. Its still in the process of being completed, so bear with me.

Tuesday, January 12- Today, I did some work on the 15th's Page, and also got some work done on the Artillery Page. Check it out! I also added a short message on the '97 Updates Page, and did some more work on the CW Artillery Page.

Wednesday, January 13- Today, I updated the artillery page, and added some new recipes to the Reenactors setions. Also, I started on the new set of CW Prisons. Right now, only the Cahaba link works, the over two have yet to be created. Check back for more updates soon!

I added a new section to the 15th OVI's Page, the 15th OVI History, according to Fredrick Dyers Compendium. I also deleted a few of the old captains reports. Also, I finished the CW Prison Page. Salisbury and Ft. Delware are now up and they both work.

Sunday, January 17- I added a new section to the 15th OVI's Page today. Its entitled "15th OVI Medal of Honor Recipients" and also added a new link to the 15th's page.

Monday, January 18- Today, I added another new section to the 15th OVI's Page. Arms and Equiptment of the 15th OVI. It explains what our uniform, and what anyone interested in joining, needs to purchase.

Saturday, February 6- Today, I added a few, VERY interesting relics to my relic page, which is located in the Civil War Msc. section of my page. Check it out! Also, the February update is coming soon!

Friday, February 12- Today, I updated "This Month", the February Book Review, and I also updated 15th OVI contacts, 15th OVI news and the 15th OVI history.

Saturday, February 13- Made a few small, unnoticable changes.

Sunday, February 14- I added a new section to my page, My CW Suggested Reading List. You can find it in the CW Msc. portion of my page, although there are no books in it yet. Bear with me, as it will take a few days to get all the books down into their different catagories.

Wednesday, February 17- Today, I added a new section to my page, Civil War Stories I have written. There is already one story there ("The Picket Post"), and a lot more stories are on the way. By the way, it may be a few more days before I get the Suggested Reading completed.

Wednesday, March 10- Today, I added the new 15th OVI's news to its page. I worked on the 15th schedule, but was having a lot of problems, and ended up deleting it. It should be up soon, along with the March update.

Saturday, March 13- Today, I finished the Suggested Reading list. I'm sorry it took me so long, but I've been busy lately, and it was a long process. You can find it under the "CW Msc." section of my page. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 20- I added a new relic to my Civil War relic page, which can be located in the CW Msc. section of my page. Also, last week I had a small "system crash". I think I have everything back to normal, but if you notice that something is missing, that was here before, please notify me. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 30- Today, I did the April Update. The new Book Review and "This Week" are up. When I get some more news, I'll add that too. I also added the NEW 99 schedule for the 15th Ohio. And one more thing, I've got track practice now, so look for the updates to be fewer and more far between. Thanks!

Saturday, April 17- I added a few new relics that I picked up at a small Civil War Auction last night. Neat stuff.

Tuesday, May 4- Today, I did the May update for my page. I updated the CW News section, the book review, and This Month in the war. I also updated the Captains Report and 15th News on the 15th OVI page. In addition, I added a few of the relics I picked up at the Mansfield Civil War Show last weekend.

Monday, May 10- Today, I created a new section on my CW. Msc. page, entitled "Civil War Computer Game Reviews". Its still new, so give it time to grow. I also added scrolling text at the begining of my homepage. The message will be changed frequently.

Tuesday, May 18- Today, I added some new relics to my relic page. I recently picked these up off a local dealer. Stop by my relic page, which is located in the CW Msc. section, and see what they are!

Monday, June 7th- I just got back from my first "major" reenactment of the year late last night. I had a blast, and got a chance to pick up two nice relics off of one of the sutlers there. Small stuff, but neat all the same. Check out my relic page to see what they are!

Tuesday, June 15- Today, I added a new, LARGE relic to my relic page. Check it out, and be looking on my page soon, when I post it on here.

Thursday, July 22- Well, I'm back. Yesterday, I got back from visiting family in St. Louis. Its was a great vacation. I had lots of fun. Hopefully, pretty soon I'll be able to get back into the swing of things, updateing wise. Today, I just added some more relics that I picked up while on vacation. Interesting peices. Check them out!

Thursday, August 12- Today, as you probably saw on the main page, I added the award I recieved, from the Civil War Fife and Drum page. I'd like to thank Paul, the owner of the page, for presenting me the award, and helping me with the problems I was having getting it on my page. Also, I added a new relic that I have, to my relic page.

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