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1998 Updates

Sunday, January 4: Updated just about everything.

Monday-Tuesday, February 9-10: Updated Book review. I also updated my links section along with CW chat. Also, I changed "This Week in the CW" to "This MONTH in the CW". This will work out much better for me, and hopefully for you also. CW News was updated too!

Saturday, February 21: Added "Coming Soon" to my page.

Sunday-Tuesday, March 1-3: Updated March bookreview. Also began working on Civil War Music. As you have probably seen, none of the links work yet, because I have yet to create them. This may take awhile, so bear with me.

Wednesday, March 11: Decided that the Civil War Trivia will be updated weekly. More info on the Trivia section of my page. I also updated "Coming Soon" today. Take a look!

Thursday, March 12: My golly. I've finally been able to get started on the reenacting section of my page. I've added "Ways to Improve Your Impression" to that section of my page. Very, very good tips. Very helpful for reenactors wanting to portray accuratly. Also added "Civil War Reenactors Slang" to my Reenacting site. Also added "15th Ohio" to my website. This is my reenacting unit, and I have been asked by my company commander to form a webpage for our unit. There is nothing there now, but a lot will be coming.

Friday, March 13: Added "Civil War Trivia Anwsers". There are none there yet, but when I put up the new question Sunday, I'll post up the anwsers. I also added some really neat Civil War pictures all over my website. Also I have been able to work on my Civil War Music section, and now, some of the lyrics for the songs are up. They are not all done yet, though.

Sunday, March 15: Put up the NEW trivia contest. Also got most of "Civil War Songs" completed. There are only about 10 that are not done. As soon as I finish up with that, I'll start on the Gettysburg reenactment homepage.

Monday, March 16: Added "Character Questionnaire" to my Reenactors Page. Also added some things to "Coming Soon".

Wednesday, March 18: Added "Civil War Reenactors Cooking" to my CW Reenactors page.

Sunday, March 22: Added a chatroom to my page!!!! I've just got a chatroom from Parachat and have it posted up under the Chatroom portion of my page. Also added discussion list. Got some more songs from the "CW Songs" page working. Also added a statement of an upcoming discussion on the Gettysburg Reenactment. More info avaiable on chat page.

Monday, March 23: I'VE GOT DONE WITH THE CIVIL WAR SONGS PAGE! Yipeeeeee! Now I can start on my 15th Ohios page.

Thursday March 26: I put up "Stupid Questions Asked By Spectators" on my Reenactors Page. Also Started on "Gettysburg '98" Page. Also removed the old picture from "Civil War Songs" page and added a newer, much smaller, yet better one. I had been getting a few e-mails complaining about the size of the old one, and the time it took to load.

Saturday March 28: Got my "Interpretation Techniques working. I also made the decison that I'm not, I repeat, I am not, going to have my Gettysburg '98 page. Instead, I'm going to put something bigger and better on my page. But, its a supirse, so stop back, because it will be up soon, and I gurantee you, you will like it! Also updated the "Coming Soon" Section of my page. I put a bunch of new stuff in the "Civil War Reenacting Section of my page too. Check it out!

Monday, March 30: Got up the "Civil War Reenactors Web Forum". Post up any questions that you like!

Monday, March 30: Just deleted a few old things off my page. I should have the new "This Month", "Book Review", and "CW News" updated in a day or two. Bear with me.

Friday, April 3: Updated the April "This Month", "Book Review", and "Civil War News". Some pretty interesting stuff. Also, a few days ago, my page surpassed the "1,000" mark on my counter. I thank you folks for it. And I promise you, that I will continue to serve you, and to make this page better.

Saturday, April 4: Added BEAUTIFUL pictures from various reenactments all over my page. Just look around, and you'll see 'em.

Monday, April 6: I updated the "Civil War News" section of my homepage. I also started working on "Civil War Recipes". I only have a few Recipes up right now, but a lot mroe will be up soon.

Friday, April 10: Made some minor, probably unoticable changes on my page.

Tuesday, April 14: Put up "A short History of Company E." to the 15th OVI's Webpage.

Thursday, April 23: Put up the '15th's Schedule' and '15th Today' on the 15th OVI's page. Check it out!

Monday, May 4- Updated the 'This Month' and 'Book Review' section of my page. Some new Civil War News coming pretty soon.

Friday, May 8- Changed around the 'Coming Soon' section of my page. The thing that I had planned, I'm going to put on hold for awhile, and try and work on the things listed in 'Coming Soon'. If you have any good suggestions to my page, contact me, and I'll be sure its done.

Sunday, May 10- Updated the Trivia and Trivia questions page. I also added this month's featured 'Hot Spot' to my Links Page. Also, I put up a link on the Book Review page leading to the Book Review Archives. However, none are there right now, because it will start with this months. You can start looking for things to appear in there at the begining of next month.

Sunday, May 24- Updated the 15th OVI's webpage. I also took a few things off of the 'Coming Soon' section of my page, reason being, they have already been completed.

Thursday, July 2- Added a new section to my page entitled 'Civil War Poll'. Tell everyone your views on this month's question, and see who does, and doesn't agree with you.

Tuesday, July 14- Today, I worked a little on the 15th OVI's Page. I added '15th OVI Contacts' and also 'From the Front Lines: The Captain's Report'.

Thursday, July 16: I added 'The Federal Issue Shirt' to the Reenactors Page. Its quite an interesting article that I found surfing the web a few days ago. This article explores the truth behind the 'white issue' shirt sold by most Civil War sutlers.

Tuesday, July 28- Today, I updated the monthly 'Hot Spot' link for August. The new CW News, This Month, and Book Review should be up in a few days.

Wednesday, August 12- I finally got some new Civil War News, which I added to the Civil War News section. HOPEFULLY, sometime this week, I'll have time to do the Civil War Book Review and This Month.

Tuesday, August 18- Today, I added a New Civil War Poll to my page, and also put up a new, great book review. Check them out!

Tuesday, November 17- WOW! What a space between updates! :) Well, I'm back, and today I got done deleting some old things, and fixing links on the "Civil War Songs" page. I'm sorry to all the people who noticed names for one song, then you click on the link, and its a different song. That problem is now corrected. Let me know if you find any other errors, and they will be fixed as soon as possible.

November 30- I updated the 15th OVI, This Month, Book review and CW News. Check on the 15th OVI page for the updates coming soon to that page.

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