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15th OVI Today

The 15th Ohio Volunteers are a group of men, women , and children who are dedicated to the remembrance and preservation of our rich Civil War Heritage, and to encourage the popular hobby of Civil War reenacting within the local area. Members of the group portray soldiers and citizens of that time period covering 1861-1865.

We are very much a family oriented group. We invite full participation by all family members of any age or gender. Members share a serious concern with things like event saftey and historical scholarship, but we still find a great deal of personal satisfaction and real enjoyment is sharing this extraordinary hobby with each other and with the public.

Through our appearance in historic battle reenactments of all kinds, in living histories, parades, and other ceremonies, as well as visits to schools, clubs, and civic groups, we try to bring the valor and agony of the Civil War to the modern public.

If you are interested in joining, or finding oour more about us, please feel free to e-mail me (the webmaster) at: .

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