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Arms and Equiptment of the 15th OVI

Every unit has its standards on their arms and equiptment. Below is a list of the A&E of the 15th OVI, Company E. These are what we, the men of the 15th, are expected to wear at reenactments, living history, etc. etc.

Always remember, never buy anything before you join a unit, because most CW Reenacting units have different specifications.

**4 button Sack Coat, dark blue wool.

**Period shirt, color or style optional.

**Trousers, sky blue, wool.

**Suspenders, canvas or cloth.

**Hat (kepi, forage, or slouch).

**Brogans (period boots optional. Black desert demi boots accepted, but upgrade ASAP).

**Belt, black leather with US buckle (OVI, OVM optional)

**Cartridge Box, black leather with US box plate (OVI, OVM optional).

**Cartridge Box Sling, black leather with eagle breastplate (Ohio State Seal breastplate optional).

**Cap Box, black, leathe.

**bayonet and scabberd as appropriate.

**Haversack, black tarred preferred.

**Hat Brass, optinal but desired.

**Canteen- bullseye type covered with blue wool.

**gaiters, optional.

**Swords and Revolvers shall not be carried except when correct for the impression portrayed. Officers swords and pistols for the officers, NCO sword and rifle for sergeants.

**Recomended muskets are either the US Springfield or British Enfield. Muskets should be of the 3-band type.

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