Welcome to my first web page!In case you wer wonderin'

VBC stands for val, backstreet boys, and cats! Some freaky

combo huh? Any way I am part of Anna;'s age until I get a life

get my own url! So for know I have her link at the bottom of the

page! I will soon be entering the sight fights!

Backstreet rocks! I love Brian Littrell! He is so hot! As for my

sister she thinks she's going to marry Nick Carter! HE HE HE! I also

love Leo,but don't get me started!I currently have 80 pics of him on my

bedroom walls!

Good thing to fall asleep to! I also love J.C> Chasez.

He is really hot too! Enjoy the pics below =)

YO yo yo ! I got my adorable cat at vikimouse (like her?)! You can you adopt one too! Just use the links below!


Visit my sister sight Anna's web page (now called what's up!)


We at VBC leave you with this quote---->

"you don't put leg shackles on Mercury, You don't spit on

Superman's cape,and you don't tell Trent McJivvers not to ****sparkle!****"

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