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What's up in the world of my sports!!

OKay nothing really is happening sports wise right now. I am planning on participating in track next year because of pushing from my mom but thats kinda it. I mean in reall sports

Every recess we kinda play an almost childesh game. It is this tag between trees thing. I mean it's fun but a little young for eighth graders don't you think.

I like sports such as b-ball and soccer, but swimmings my favorite. I can't swim as often since we don't go to the country club any more so that kinda sucks. I have to wait all winter just to go swimming.

Right now I suck at gym. My shorts are too short and I'm kinda inberrassed. I still particapate if that makes a difrence. I never do much because the guys always steal the ball from us. Oh well bye!! Index to pages