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Spirit & Site Fights Go hand in Hand

Welcome to Spirit up!!

This is my site fights spirit page! I am weebles the proud fuzzi sprite wich chear all the time!! Lets hear it for the spirit of those wombats. Hey I might be new,But I know what spirit is! Spirit is fighting and never giving up! So have some spirit and find the greatest challenge of all!Come along as I cheer for my team!I am hopefully going to the warzone next week so gear up for an exciting week!!

Wombats have spirit

yes we do

We can hear to prove to you

what a little spirit can do!

It takes a rainy day

Makes it bright

Takes the deepest black

and make it bright

So I ask to you

on this day

to have the courage

to go all the way!

GO WOMBATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

share the spirit stick!!

I have my spirit! Do you? I am an official wee one!

Things Might seem big a first, but realize they are only Babys in the world.

Signin' off ,

Dhunter Acorn

wee one hedge

anna o'brien

Email: beanier1@aol.com