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Welcome to my hedgies!

The only place on the web for hedgehogs!!        OKay so I don't have much here but it is my hedgie page!

I have one hedgehog named Mo. He is an African Pygmy hedgehog. He is little bit under a year and is sweet as can be! He loves exsploring(expecially in clothes). The only problem with Mo is his favorite food, mealworms!! I mean usaully thats no big problem,but today we found that for meally worms had got5 out of the bag ( eeewwww) we found two but the others are yet to be found !

          We have had hedge hogs before well maybe hedge hog. His name was Mattew taylor! He was also adorable but not as much as hedge.Thanx for visiting my page and enjoy!!

Okay I just started this hedgie page so bare with me !! Eventually it will have all if not more of my orginal page ( with time)! I have a new hedge named Mo! he is an african pugmy and iws rather sweet! It took him a wile to trust us but with time he did. He recently even climbed my mom's shirt! I love him much go hedge hogs! Index to pages

Email: beanier1@aol.com