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New level of fighting a new style of page!! Don't forget to vote!
Please title this page. (Page 2) Fuzzidig adoption center! Welcome to the fuzzidig adoption center!!!

You can adopt as many as you want as long as you include a link back to the adoption center so they can come back and visit! We now have our own web ring for fuzzidigs and additions to our nurseryClick the join here icon after adopting to join!!Right click on the mouse to adopt a fuzzidig!

If you choose to adopt one of my home made creatures please ijoin the ring so the fuzzi's can visit their friends and come once and awhile so the fuzzi's can find there way home. They also can bring back visitors to adopt thank you and have fun!

Is your site good enough? apply for my fuzzi award! You don't have to adopt just have a good site! I will display you web page and send you a download version of the award to put on your page!

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