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My list of beanie babys for sale/trade!!!

Here is a complete list of what I have to offer some of these items are missing hang tags and are damaged. These things wiull be noted with signs.

a bent tag will be noted with a bt next to item

a missing hang tag is notedwith a mt next to item

a trade only beanie is noted with a t next to item

these items are what I have they are listed in alphabetical order. This list may not be completely acurate because some have been sold to customers already please feel free to e-mail me

Ants the ant eater

baldy the eagle                                                                          

batty the bat

bernie the st. bernard

bessie the brown cow

blackie the bear

blizzard the white tiger

bruno the terrier

bucky the beaver (2)                                                              

chip the calico cat
choclate the moose

claude the tye dye crab

crunch the shark

daisy the black cow (2)

derby the coarse mane horse no star

doby the doberman

dotty the dalmation                                                                 

ears the rabbit

erin the green bear

fetch the golden retriever

fleece the napped lamb (2)

floppity the purple bunny(2)

fortune the panda bear

Frackles the leopard

gobbles the turkey

gracie the swan                                                                           

grunt the razor back

happy the hippo

hippity the green bunny

hissy the snake

hoot the owl

hoppity the pink bunny

iggy the iguana (rainbows tags)

inch the inch worm ( yarn antennas)                                         

inky the pink octopus

Jake the mallard (2)

jolly the walrus

legs the frog (2)

lucky the ladybug

mel the koala bear

nuts the squirrel

peace the tye dye bear

peanut the elephant

pinchers the lobster

pinky the flamingo

pouch the kangaroo

pounce the cat (2)

prace the cat

puffer the puffin

pugsly the pug

quackers the duck

radar the bat (nt)

rainbow the chemeloen

righty the elephant (bt)

ringo the raccoon (2)

roary the lion (2)

scoop the pelican

scottie the terrier

seaweed the otter (2)

sly the fox

smoochy the frog

snort the bull (2)

snowball the snowman

sparky the dalmation

spike the rinocerous

spinner the spider (2- one with hissy tush)

spot the dog

spunky the dog

squealer the pig (2- one with bt)

stinger th scorpian

stinky the skunk (3)

stretch the ostrich (2)

tank the armidillo (nt)

1997 teddy

violet teddy (nt-nf)

tuffy the terrier

twigs the giraffe

velvet the panther

waddle penguin

waves the wale (3)

whisper the deer

wrinkles the dog

1998 teanie beanie sets!!!!

that is my list of beanie babys. I am constantly in search of bears such asliberaty maple and garcia. I will trade higher beanies for them > please e-mail me to see the list update thank !

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