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New level of fighting a new style of page!! Don't forget to vote!

This is the page where you speak out about daily life situations. Recently I recieved this from a friend!!


How do they get eazy  cheez in the can ??

Why are hamburger buns shaped like butts?

Why do computers always make those weird noises??

Why is it cool to be retarded in your actions??

What the heck is with all this computer lingo?

I am just here to type your thoughts and awsers to these questions! Please send me more to display! (I need pics, I need site(web), I aslo need weird things! so get out there and be weird!

I need suggestions people here are my Q's.....                                                                 do you htink I should continue on angelfire or switch to geocities?? PLease help me decide!

Below is a link to my geust book     (lightbulb) please feel free to leav comments and suggestions

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P.s. The geust book will return you to the main web page !

Email: beanier1@aol.com