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Home agian!!

Hello everyone! I have the most unfortunate thing happen, my home page was deleted! I am now starting over! It may not be the page you remember, but this is how it is!

Since my page has been erased I have made a very tough descion , I am going to have very few graphics on this page! So please understand! Another reason is that I lost my  graphics index~~~~~

I am losing wiehgt and I feel great!!  have lost around twenty pounds so far!!! I have dropped two sizes and gone from heavy to chunky. I have cxheated on my diet as some of you know, but not heavily.

I found out that I am magorly allegic tyo hedge!=( So now I have to  returm him. The worst things is that he was getting so cute!! He evn was starting to trust me!

I am working on enrichment work in hopes of skipping eighth grade. I know it probablely won't happen but I hop it will! So in my free time I work on my web page for site fights! I am not the greatest, but am getting better!

The light is still on at this page and if you want to turn it off and go home thats fine just click and turn it off to return home!