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A very warm welcome to Dcheer-Up station. I came up with this whole idea after many fighters dropped out after losing a magor fight. I thought if some one motivated them maybe they would not have quit. With the help of some friends I put together this page. Forms for volunteers are not up, as also the form for an official submission (still waiting for forms). In the mean time you can check out a few of the cards and noted of wich in time will be able for automatic sending. In the mean time please contact me and I will make it by hand!

We are very proud to be able to offer our services to you,but we ask if you not copy chipper our mascot in any way. He is specially created for each member or volunteer. If you would like to have yourr own special chipper please become a volunteer just e-mail me. Remebers Chipper is our pride and we would hate if he was stolen!!!

This is Ralph he will carry you to the fairy realm

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