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Thanks for visiting my matchbox20 Homepage. You will not find much information here on the band (I do not wish to take credit for information that can be found on the official mb20 site) but the sole purpose of this page is for you to show your support for matchbox20.



If you live in Australia & want to see matchbox20 tour here again ... SOON ... then please sign the guestbook. Even if you do not live in Australia, I would love to read your thoughts on the guys also.



May 1998 - Oh, before I forget, a HUGE thank you goes to 'J' ...... .thanks heaps for the signature guitar pick & the photographs, I will send some more stamps to 'A' soon *hugz* Hope to see you in Australia one day soon *S* Hope you had a great time @ Seaworld ...





August 1998 - Well, well, well, guess I was a bit slow in getting my page up & running. If you dont already know, Matchbox20 are returning to Australia in a few months time. But, you can still sign my guestbook & show your support for the guys. I am unsure of all the tour dates for Australia, all I know at this stage is that they are playing @ the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 3rd November 1998 .............. cant wait *BFFS*


November 1998 - Well 3rd November came & went & what an awesome night. Thanks to 'J' for arranging the backstage passes, I had my doubts, but you came through, I will be thanking you for the rest of my life, you are a wonderful person. Also a HUGE thank you to Kyle, Dean & Jason *S* We got to meet Kyle Cook, what a lovely person he is, so friendly & down to earth. He signed a few things for us & was more than happy to pose for some photographs with us & one by himself, Kyle, you looked great in that shot, thank you so much. 'J' I hope you have received the photographs ok & the Yowie toys for 'A'. I bet he will have alot of fun putting them together, I certainly do.


Another huge elloooooooooo to my buddy Tina & also to Shawn, I am so sorry you were unable to join us backstage, but was glad you could be there. Oh & Shawn, hmmm guess I should thank you also re: the backstage passes. I guess if you didnt pull out of the april concert, none of this would have happened *S*

December 1998 - Thank u soooo much to 'J' & 'A' for the Christmas gifts, my favourite was the Beanie Babies, I lurv those things, they are soooo cute. Oh & thanks heaps for the video tape, I hadn't managed to get those video clips for myself yet. So glad my gifts to you arrived in one piece, hope you liked them. Tell 'A' that I still have plenty more Yowie toys here for him, will send more soon.

And to Kyle, all I can is 'Yes, I always look this good' I am not full of myself people, hahahha, that doesn't actually relate to me, only a few people, including Kyle, know what that means. Happy drinking Kyle *S*

If anyone out there know's when Matchbox20 will be releasing their video for sale (which was filmed during the Australian Tour) please email me - Well, no video has been released for sale, but it has been shown in America on Pay-Per-View Television. No dates have been announed as yet for the showing of this in Australia, I guess us Aussies will just have to wait and see and hope that it happens one day soon.

Regardless of whether you are in America, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world, if you want to show your support for Matchbox20, click on the following links to place your mb20 requests - and if you know of other places where requests can be made, please email me with the URL, thanks :)



Triple M - Clare Blake


Ugly Phils Hot 30

B94FM Pittsburgh

Bender.Mornings 96.1 The River


Channel V - By Demand

Triple M - Jonesy


March 1999 - Hello again to 'J' & 'A', you two are so sweet, thank you for my wonderful Valentine's Day gifts, more Beanie Babies !!!!! I love them.

What an achievement, Matchbox20 recently came in at #29 in Triple M Brisbane's Top 104 Album countdown....congratulations guys.

August 1999 - What a wonderful surprise I received in the mail on August 3rd, yet another package from 'J'. I have been waiting so long to see the Pay-Per-View Sydney concert which has already been shown in America & now I can !!!! 'J' sent me a video of the Before They Were Rock Stars Special as well as the Pay-Per-View Special. 'J' thanks also for the photograph, I feel very privileged *hugs*. I hope 'A' received his new parcel of Yowie Toys & the 3 pack of Yowie chocolates.

Triple M Brisbane have held yet another countdown, but this time it was the Top 104 ARTISTS of all time & once again, Matchbox20 featured in this countdown (listeners telephone the station voting for their favourite Artist & only one vote per person is allowed) Matchbox20 came in at #64 this time. A terrific effort when you consider the big names they came up against who have been around for many many years. Congratulations guys. Keep up the great work.

29th August 1999 - A special message for my favourite lead guitarist, Kyle Cook. Happy 24th Birthday Kyle. I hope you have the most wonderful day ever & may all your dreams & wishes come true. Hopefully 'MOM' passed on my wishes personally :) *raises her beer in the air* Here's to all the wondeful 24 year old VIRGO's in the world....hahhahaha. Enjoy your special day, I celebrated my 24th Birthday a few days ago on August 26th & had a blast :)



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