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What's Today's Mathematics?

Peace Gods and Earths. This is my Build Session. I will try to Update this section daily. It will feature my Understanding of each day's Math.

December 20
Peace! Today is Wisdom Cipher all being born to Wisdom. Today is Truth in the Supreme Alphabet. Truth is that which is supported by fact. It is right and exact and is a result of Knowledge. When Allah lives out his Culture he speaks the Truth. This is the way things must be, it is Right and Exact.

December 14
Peace! Today is Knowledge Culture which borns Power. How is this so? Well once God has Knowledge of His Culture he manifests Power. Since his Culture is I-God he manifests Islam (Peace). Power is the Truth and Strength one must have in order to carry out Justice. Power must be used with Refinement, which is to have sound mind and body. Having sound mind and body is to have the absence of confusion. That is what Peace means. So, once God Knowledges his Culture he can carry out Justice with his Power. That's how I Cee Today's Math.

December 13
Peace! Today's math is Master in the Supreme Alphabet. A Master is one who has control over his surroundings. He has control over himself and never lets himself be influenced by passion (4 devils). A Master has acquired a special skill of something by practice and daily use. Since Master is 13 and 1+3=4, then a Master is a Master of his Culture, which he lives out daily. A Master must Master his entire realm on a daily basis to be called a Master. Who is the only one that can live this out? God, more properly Allah. That's how I Cee today's Math. Peace!


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