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Bedtime Stories- SOD Article #2


Soap Opera Digest

Too Carried Away
Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In February, on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Austin caught his wide kissing Mike at the Green Mountain Lodge, the spot where Austin and Carrie first made love. This week, after forgiving Carrie and tracking her down in Vegas, Austin fins his wife again. This time, she's in Mike's bed.

"After talking to Roman and Marlena, Austin realizes that he defiantly does have to take responsibility for a lot of things. He can understand how his actions may have led to Carrie seeking attention elsewhere.," explains Austin Peck (Austin). "It was a bad choice that he made, taking Sami on the run and making her more important than his wife. So, he says, ‘You know what? I'm going to bite the bullet and I'm going to go see her in Las Vegas, tell her that I love her and fix things.' But when he gets there, she's in bed with Mike."

Austin, Carrie & Mike Naturally, Austin isn't too thrilled to discover he's been cuckolded- and reacts in kind. "He punches Mike out. Just one punch," previews Peck. Needless to say, Carrie's euphoria turns to devastation when she sees her hubby's face in the doorway. "She never expected it," sighs Christie Clark (Carrie). "It's the deer caught in the headlights when she sees him. She though that he was telling her in his weird way that it was over. To see him in the doorway while she's naked in bed...she feels terrible. She's always been the good girl, doing the right thing, and she has really messed up a lot of lives especially Austin's- the one person she cares about more than anything else in this world."

Carrie follows Austin into the hallway while Mike nurses his bruised jaw. "Austin confronts Carrie and tells her that he thinks it's over," says Peck. "He takes off his wedding ring when he sees that she's wearing hers. He says, ‘Is that your wedding ring? You were wearing your wedding ring while you were [with Mike]? Here, forget it. Take this. I'm through with you."

Is this really the end of one of DAYS's most popular duo? "Carrie clearly is faced with the reality of what she's done," says Executive Producer, Tom Langan. "It's not even a matter of wondering whether he stills loves her or will take her back; she hates herself for what she's done and doesn't want anyone to touch her-Mike included. This is a character with a conscience, and it will be interesting to see how she rebuilds her self-love, if ever. Her reality is that no matter what Austin says to her about how he feels, she feels worse about herself because she's the one who broke her vows."

In spite of the betrayal, Peck hopes there's a future for this pair: "I think it would be good to see them rectify things, for Austin to come to an understanding about how really let Carrie down and have Carrie come to her senses." Clark, too, hopes there's a reconciliation down the road. "She's just a confused soul, but she's going back to Salem to get Austin back," says the actress. "There's a lot of passion with Austin, but with Mike, it's a comfortable friendship. It's like Romeo and Juliet with Carrie and Austin, and Tom and Alice Horton with Carrie and Mike. It's a tough decision, but she's going to stay away from Mike."

"As far as Mike and Carrie are concerned, they have made their bed and deserve whatever arched eyebrows come in their path," muses Langan. "And there will be many."

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