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Terry Hammer's Resume

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Who is Terry Hammer ?

I started working for college radio station KALX,which is owned and operated by the University Of California at Berkeley , (aka: U.C. Berkeley or Cal) in 1978 . Later that year , I became involved in doing Live radio remote broadcasts of bands that did not have enough appeal to commercial stations . I then saw the need for someone to record the local bands that were just getting started . At that time none of them could play very well , and none had any records yet . So I decided that I should get KALX involved in broadcasting all of this local talent that was developing at a rapid pace . Punk rock was starting to become more popular with college radio stations . Soon , a lot of great punk bands from England and Canada started playing in San Francisco , and I started recording them as well . By 1979 , there were quite a few college radio stations across the country that were playing punk rock & new wave music . But , they were mostly one or two hour programs , and perhaps only several times a week . Even commercial radio station KSAN , in San Francisco , was doing a two hour program on Saturday nights with Howie Klein .

I decided to take it a step further , and do a complete FOUR HOUR show dedicated to nothing but punk,new wave and reggae! This was perhaps , the first of it's kind , but after a few shows , my idea caught on , and other programmers at KALX and other bay area college stations started doing the same type of programs . Punk was now popular , at least with college radio programmers and their audience .

Stations were playing punk , and people wanted to hear it , still , my "LIVE" broadcasts and tapings at KALX , and later KTIM , were the only type of it's kind . You might say that I had a sort of monopoly on live punk recordings , at least , in the San Francisco bay area . I continued recording live shows at the various venues and the "FAB MAB LIVE" shows at the Mabuhay Gardens until the summer of 1981 , at which time , I decided that because of my busy schedule managing , as well as mixing sound for several bay area bands at live shows , I could no longer find the time . Since this was a free service that I offered KALX , I had to start concentrating on my goals and career . It was fun while it lasted , and I would most certainly do it again!

In 1982, I became manager of TOXIC REASONS.We recorded their Classic Punk LP"INDEPENDENCE ." This would not only become a true classic punk record , it would also become their BEST recording to date . I left my association as manager of Toxic Reasons in December of 1982 , though I did mix them in early 1983 at a couple shows in San Francisco .

Taken from San Francisco magazine"City Arts Monthly"May 1981: page 12 "PRO/FILES"


"Since 1978 TERRY HAMMER has been in the forefront of what can loosely be termed as a new music consciousness in the Bay Area . He's older than most , approaching his mid thirties , but his age only solidifies his commitment to new art . If Joe Rees can be recognized as San Francisco's film chronicler of the New Wave movement , Terry can be readily identified as his audio counterpart . Since 1978 , he's sat in clubs and halls with a mixing board and has recorded over 300 live shows ranging from Pearl Harbour & The Explosions to The JAM to MAGAZINE and The MUTANTS . His present collection of live tapes , enough to crowd four large shelves , is astounding , but what makes his audio efforts even more interesting is that nearly every show was efficiently mixed in the most adverse conditions : unisolated with headphones and nearly always on a 12 channel mixing desk borrowed from KALX . Twelve channels seldom do a live show justice , but Terry's shows are technically proficient and reflect a special ambience and energy characteristically found in live underground performances .

Most of Terry's shows have been aired on Bay Area radio stations at one time or another , and he should soon be assisting Dirk Dirksen in producing a radio syndication project called "The Fab Mab Live" . There's no question but that through his live shows and early commitment to new music , numerous bands have received much needed exposure . Terry got airplay for the DEAD KENNEDYS long before people ever heard "Holiday In Cambodia" , and to this day his ears remain open .

These days he's into new territory , mixing sound for Earl Zero & The Soul Syndicate and getting into some real righteous reggae . Which doesn't mean he's abandoned other music forms , he's managing the Saucers and does a regular slot for "HARMFUL EMISSIONS" on KUSF . Terry says he's hasseled by the listeners for occasionally spinning reggae records on KUSF , but consistant with his commitment to good music notes : 'It's always time for some people to see the light .' "

                                                                    --- Alex Zdan

My Favorite Bands

THE CLASH:: Dead Kennedys;Mutants; D.O.A.; MC5 : THE JAM ; Buzzcocks ; 999 ; Penetration ; The Damned : Avengers ; Iggy Pop : Vibrators :G.B.H. :BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS ; Culture ; STIFF LITTLE FINGERS ; XTC( early stuff) ; Dead Boys ; Gang Of Four ; Joy Division ( when they were WARSAW ! ) ; SONIC YOUTH ; Mentally Ill ;Toxic Reasons ; Articles Of Faith : MDC : most of the good punk bands from the early days !

Bands that I enjoy listening to today

TOOL ; Flaming Lips ; White Stripes ; Mogwai : Asian Dub Foundation : GARBAGE ; Manic Street Preachers

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