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We are Lemongrass. We are doing our best to get our second CD out of the studio and into your stereo. Please bear with us. Right now we're reading all of the lovely emails you've sent us while we stand in front of the computer screen completely naked. if you signed up for our free CD offer don't worry...we kept all of your addresses and will mail them out as soon as humanly possible. Email us for show dates or if you know someone who has the time to rework this half assed web page. Thanks kids and don't forget to floss...

M. BELL - guitars, food, noise.
JeRmS - Programming, telecaster harmonics, vox.
TeaBag - power tools, explosions, pan flute, big hollow body.

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Sound Clips
These are ROUGH MIXES (by me) Jerry will clean them up, so don't bitch to me about them!

Maybe I Deserve This [175k .WAV]
Things [260k .WAV]
Within Reason [730k .WAV]

Equipment List:
Stuff We Use

On the DAT as of 11/5/98:

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