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The LOT Resource and Information Pack has been developed by women involved in LOT who are committed to providing information and resources to people about the lives of lesbians in Ireland, and who want to promote equality for lesbians in our society.

The idea for the pack emerged from a group in LOT called the Outreach Group, who commissioned the Resource Section and who organised for the Health, Legal Issues and Abusive Relationships sections to be written by the groups within LOT who were working on those issues. The groups within LOT who worked on the sections spent many voluntary hours researching. compiling, writing and editing the material so that it would be user friendly for people wanting to explore the various issues of equality for lesbians in Ireland.

As part of the first Lesbian Education Awareness New Opportunities for Women programme, sponsored by LOT, the LEA NOW team worked towards bringing the pack to production. One of the aims of LEA NOW is to generate greater awareness of the needs and realities of lesbians, and the Resource and Information Pack will contribute to the next work plan of LEA NOW 3.

The pack is published in the context of a society which has become increasingly aware of the discrimination and disadvantage experienced by lesbians and gay men, among other marginalised groups in Irish society. The context for the pack is also that there is an active programme of work addressing these disadvantages, with many links being made between the various marginalised groups. The research undertaken by GLEN and reported in their Poverty and Lesbians and Gay Men, published by the Combat Poverty Agency in 1995 found clear evidence of discrimination, multiple and cumulative disadvantage for lesbians and gay men in Ireland. This experience applied to education, work, social and home situations. The types of discrimination experienced included services such as housing, insurance, health, violences and harassment and the experience of emigration and migration.

This pack is a tool to address these issues of discrimination and exclusion. The Resources Section provides exercises covering a range of situations for use in group work, and the Information Leaflets provide more details of particular situations.

We hope the pack will be used by people in their work addressing the questions, realities and experiences of inequality, discrimination and exclusion of lesbians in Ireland. We imagine the pack being used in youth groups, women's groups, lesbian discussion groups, community development groups and by people working on the policy agenda of equality for all Irish citizens.

LOT would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Combat Poverty Agency and the LEA NOW programme for the development and production of the pack.

LOT would also like to acknowledge the contribution of various people to the development of the pack. Pauline Tracey, Anita Thoma, Margaret McArdle, Caroline Mathews, Maria Power, Sheila Quinn, Hilary Tierney, Grainne Healy, Susan Miner, Kay Ferriter, Patricia Prendiville, members of the Lesbian Health Group, the writers of the Legal Issues for Lesbians section, the volunteers in LOT, especially the Outreach Group, and the staff of the LEA NOW project.

This publication is an important step for LOT and the LEA NOW programme in continuing to provide support to the work of addressing the homophobia and heterosexism that exist in Ireland.

Resource Pack Content

Chapter headings are as follows...

  1. The resource pack begins in its first chapter by providing guidelines for group leaders/facilitators. It covers:
    • Designing a session
    • Questions to ask
    • What to look for when planning a session
    • Working with people in workshop settings
    • How to prepare for sessions
    • Taking care of yourself as a workshop leader

    From there it moves into the heart of the resource pack which is a curriculum for change.

  2. Exclusion, disadvantage, and being lesbian
  3. Heterosexism
  4. Attitudes, values and beliefs
  5. Images and cultural stereotypes
  6. What does being a lesbian mean
  7. Coming out
  8. Employment and workplace issues
  9. Abusive relationships (choices and supports)
  10. Legal issues
  11. Health issues
  12. LOT and other groups and organisations
  13. Reading and resource material


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